April 2012

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Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to AutomatedBuildings.com. Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop.

Cloud computing to replace the personal computer as the ‘device’ of choice by 2014; something it has coined the ‘personal cloud’.  The global analyst believes the personal cloud will begin a new era that provides users with a new level of flexibility with the devices they use for daily activities, while leveraging the strengths of each device, ultimately enabling new levels of user satisfaction and productivity. However, it will require enterprises to fundamentally rethink how they deliver applications and services to users.

(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp released an incomplete version of Windows 8 for the public to download and try out on Wednesday, looking to rev up excitement for the slick, new-look operating system that it hopes will restore its fading tech supremacy.

An entire Android-powered PC in a USB thumb drive? No problem will ship sometime in March. For your money you're getting a complete computer, squished into an 8cm long case that's about the same size as a USB thumb drive.  Inside that tiny shell hides a 1GHz ARM A9 processor from Samsung, a quad-core graphics chip, and 1GB of RAM. A microSD card slot will provide storage for up to 64GB. It's also got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and HDMI out -- it decodes video formats on the fly to display HD visuals.  To hook it up you just uncap the stylish silicon covers, put power in the USB port and an HDMI cable in the display port. To control the computer you can connect a smartphone over Bluetooth and use FXI's app, or hookup Bluetooth peripherals like a mouse and keyboard. Or, you can slot the device in a laptop, to borrow the device's screen, keyboard and touchpad.

Hello ZigBee Wireless networking standards are everywhere. You’ve heard of WiFi™ and Bluetooth™and cellular technology. Perhaps you’ve heard of Active RFID, Wibree, WiMAX™, or Wireless USB. So, why ZigBee™?

Those who have braved the waters of digital signage know what an overwhelming task it can be. And for those who haven’t yet decided to invest their time and money, the vast number of choices and options can make that initial step even more daunting. The current digital signage market is fragmented, complex and ever growing, composed of over 350 content management ISVs (Independent Software Vendor), more than 125 media player options and over 40 different vendors.

What’s the Right Standard (if Any) for Smart Lighting? Daintree Networks says that smart lighting should be built around ZigBee. But plenty of competitors have their own wireless blends.

Walking past a tall, glass cylindrical, fish tank-like object with a life-size “person” talking from inside. The product was the DS0616 DynaScan 360 LED, cylindrical video display. I can see this having an impact in a number of different environments. Check out the video.

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Control Solutions, Inc Unified Lighting Control Made Possible by BACnet Before BACnet and its global adoption, integrating lightingand HVAC controls within the Building Automation System (BAS) was expensive and uncertain. Because the risks and costs associated with pre-BACnet integration did not outweigh the benefits, most engineers and owners were forced to settle for stand-alone systems. The results of the past are clear; according to industry surveys less than 10 % of existing BAS include the control of lighting.

Lighting education portal that is making the grade by providing online courses that puts valuable, relevant training and resources all in one convenient location. Not only is this a great resource for keeping up to speed on the newest lighting and controls technology in the industry, it is also a place where you can quickly complete training with select courses that can earn you AIA credits!

Did you know that digital signage is expected to become a $15 billion worldwide market this year*? Like it or not, digital signage applications are all around us, whether it’s in the form of entertainment in a sports bar, merchandise promotions at check-out line, directions in a hotel or menus at a fast-food restaurant.

Occupancy sensors. Occupancy sensors are now specifically required in a series of spaces, including classrooms, conference/meeting rooms, employee lunch and break rooms, private offices, restrooms, storage rooms, custodial closets, and other enclosed spaces 300 sq.ft. or smaller. The sensor must turn the lights OFF within 30 minutes of vacancy and provide manual-ON or auto-ON-to-<50% operation.

Daylight harvesting. The 2012 IECC follows the 2009 IECC in requiring general lighting in defined daylight zones (areas expected to receive high, consistent daylight levels) to be separately controlled from other general lighting in the space.

The Movers and Shakers of the Smart Grid in 2012 Who are the leaders of the smart grid industry?   Read this to find out.



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