February 2015

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LEED Platinum Certification Awarded to Reliable Controls® HQ Annex

Minimizes Impact on Water, Pollution, and Climate Change
Karina Wright,
Marcom Writer,
Reliable Controls

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Reliable Controls HQ Annex was awarded LEED® Platinum certification, earning 56 out of a possible 70 points.

This LEED Platinum certified facility is home to the Reliable Controls corporate departments, research and development, and technical support. Reliable Controls Headquarters Annex has two stories above ground and two levels of underground parking. The facility is annexed to the existing manufacturing facility, and earned 56 out of 70 possible LEED points.

The Annex is a naturally ventilated LEED Platinum certified facility, which was designed to operate using 50% less energy than the ASHRAE 90.1(1999) standard. LEED points were achieved in part through an extensive bioswale at the center of the structure’s storm water management and soil erosion strategy. 98% of all construction waste was diverted from landfill or incinerators, and the building consumes 61% less potable water than a baseline building.

Reliable Controls HQ Annex

While construction of the building was completed in 2012, it achieved LEED Platinum certification in 2013. The facility’s impressive water management design elements reduce storm water runoff by 54%, while also reducing potable water for building sewage conveyance by 82%. 

The naturally vented building design relies on 57 trickle vents and hydronic heating and cooling to keep the occupants thermally comfortable and the overall energy consumption low. Lighting consists of modulating florescent fixtures with wireless control and daylight harvesting, as well as a significant amount of LED lighting. The facility achieves a 54% reduction in design energy costs compared to conventional standards.

Reliable Controls BACnet integration of the HVAC, lighting, and security systems allows occupied comfort settings to be enabled, maximizing energy savings. Individual control of temperature, light, sunshades, and occupancy is provided via LAN or wireless access. The measurement, verification, and controllability of the mechanical and electrical systems are a critical aspect in the design and operation of the building. That being the case, the Reliable Controls MACH-System is ideally suited to deliver long-term solutions to these important sustainability requirements.

Visit www.reliablecontrols.com/corporate/facility to learn more about our LEED Platinum certified facility.


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