July 2006

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Article for Asian magazine sets scene for BuilConn Singapore

  Ken Sinclair

I was extremely pleased to be asked to provide an article with a update on how the Internet, IT convergence, wireless networks, globalisation and the whole M2M thing is causing a Real Renaissance that is Reshaping the Building Automation Industry. "This article appears in the Jun/Jul 2006 issue of Industrial Automation Asia (IAA) magazine, www.iaasiaonline.com

Building Automation: The Renaissance

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Building Automation:The Renaissance

Resurgence and revitalisation that is what is happening in the world of building automation, says Ken Sinclair.

Connectivity Week - SingaporeComplete article can be read here http://www.iaasiaonline.com/news/junjul06/pdf/junjul06-sectorspotlight.pdf

Anto has just met with Bob Gill, Editor of Industrial Automation Asia (IAA) magazine and started to put together BuilConn Singapore 2006. This article is timely and provides introduction. In is Jane's and my intention to join Anto in Singapore and be part of this first ever Asian BuilConn event.







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