July 2008

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"Green" issue of Rexel's POWER OUTLET magazine.

  Joe Salimando

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Recently, I was honored to edit the first-ever "Green" issue of Rexel's POWER OUTLET magazine.

For me, it was a rewarding experience.

For this special issue, Rexel expanded the publication's size (from 108 pages to 162) -- and told me to make  as much of it "green" as possible. As a result of that direction from my client, there are more than 90 pages of "green" editorial in this issue.

You can see the issue online. Some options:

Browse the issue, article by article (each is stored as  a PDF):

Download the whole issue as a single, 124-page PDF (it omits the advertisements + weighs in at 48 MBs).  DOWNLOADING THIS MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME!!!

Two of my favorite articles:

1. We scattered tips, hints + URLs about "green stuff" around the magazine, as a "green primer" of sorts. Online, we gathered these 9 pages into one PDF --1.8 MB.

2. Each issue of POWER OUTLET includes a comic strip on the "RexMen" (Rex and Elle). This issue  had a 3-page version (normal = 2) -- probably the best comic we've ever done.

Thanks for listening!


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