May 2004

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First Night Performance of the Interoperable Blues Band Ken Sinclair

Leighton Wolffe provided a great evening of entertainment with a star studded band of first ever seen artists from our industry. Including such greats as John Petze (Tridium) and Tracy Markie (Engenuity) on drums and percussion, Robert Beverly (Engineered Systems) and Jay Pitcher (Althoff) on keyboards, Ron Bernstein (Echelon), Wolffe (WebGen Systems) on guitars, Keith Gipson (Impact Facility Solutions) vocals, and one very special guest artist on guitar and vocals GRAHAM NEILL from England. Graham is returning to New England this spring as part of a New England tour with Badfinger and Jon Butcher and will be performing with the Graham Neill Band. They will be showcased at select clubs, concert events and festivals along with special guest artists.

Wolffe:  In the spirit of BuilConn, the IBB is all about players in the industry playing together, in this case literally. The concept is that in our industry, companies, products and applications need to work together to create a true "Plug and Play" facility environment with open systems. So we've just moved this theme into the entertainment arena to show that we can truly work, and play together.

Maybe this is more of what Tom Hartman is talking about in this month's article "Coopertition" (a combination of cooperation and competition).

Leighton Wolffe, Director, Energy Partner Program, WebGen Systems, read his last month's interview for more info.



The industry that plays together stays together and Leighton's idea of putting an Interoperability Blues Band together was a great success and provided a forum never seen before for the industry to interact. The folks watching the event got the feeling of the fun and spontaneity generated from the multi-industry band. Well done Leighton and Graham, and your support team. A great event!. As some of the members of the band were constantly changing the core players kept the interoperability dream alive. Great drumming by John Petze provided a strong beat to follow. At times it was hard to tell these guys had never played together before this gig.

"Rattlesnake" Keith Gipson belted out a blues number as the band played back up. I made a short video of this on a small digital camera. (Warning for those on dial up it is quite a large file.) The video does not do the band justice but does let you sort of see what you missed.




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