May 2014

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 Presentation of our Over 200 Past Issues with Editorial
20 years online 

Comments by Ken Sinclair

A presentation of our over 200 past issues with editorial comments is provided below.

It has been a labour of love providing you a new way to explore while I wallowed in the memories of the last 20 years. It reminded me that this is not my story but the story of industry giants helping me create an online collaboratory of their powerful thoughts.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]In this representation, the new medium is the message. This cloud web service provides an anywhere any device graphical interaction that allows you to fly in 3d in a amazing navigation of our over 200 past issues. A great way to understand the depth of our online resource while quickly catching the theme of each issue. With a quick read of the editorial you can catch up with the buzz of that time and decide if you wish to read more.  One click provides direct connection to the still online original issues.

I would be very pleased to hear your comments on this approach; both the good and constructive observations to help us make it better.

15 Years in the Collaboratory

In celebration of our 15th year on line we have requested fresh eyes to extract the evolutionary stories of our industry told in her own words.

Therese Sullivan our newest contributing editor has taken on the task to provide a new perspective and insight as to why these articles and interviews are important, and carefully represents them in a time line to show our Automated Buildings industries' evolution.  In her own words she connects, timelines, and provides fresh comments on major events of our history in her 15 Years in the Collaboratory.


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