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Software House Integrates C•CURE 9000 with STANLEY Wi-Q Wireless Locks

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Users will achieve faster, more reliable wireless communication

LAS VEGAS — April 2, 2014 –– Software House, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), announces the integration of its C•CURE 9000 security and event management system with the STANLEY OMNILOCK Wi-Q wireless lock product line, bringing together two highly trusted names in the security industry.

Through this integration, users can achieve bi-directional communication between C•CURE 9000 and the Wi-Q wireless readers, resulting in a fast, reliable and energy-efficient wireless communication system. This integration is ideal for facilities looking to retrofit existing systems without significant disruption. Triple redundant storage of data at the reader, gateway and host ensures that door access will be controlled even during power failures. The system’s 128-bit, AES security encryption and efficient power consumption result in online-style benefits without any additional installation costs.

“Software House is a solutions-oriented business with a well-rounded portfolio of cutting-edge technologies that provide customers with a total solution for their business,” said Jason Ouellette, Director of Product Management for Tyco Security Products access control technologies. “We continue to build on that philosophy by partnering with companies we can trust to add quality to our portfolio and is the key reason we’ve included STANLEY Wi-Q wireless locks in the mix.”

“Being able to offer customers this level of wireless communication only serves to elevate STANLEY’s position within the industry,” said Josh Jackson, Director of Global Product Integration, of STANLEY Security. “Our partnership with Software House and Wi-Q’s integration with the C•CURE 9000 system reinforces our innovative, ambitious outlook on the future of security and communication technologies. We have developed and continue to expand our collection of quality offerings to best meet the needs and high standards of our customer base.”

Control Solutions, Inc Ideal for wireless security applications such as parking gates, turnstiles, electromagnetic locks, electric strikes and other electronic devices, users can make both access and scheduling decisions at the door and can easily monitor functions such as door latch, door status and request to exit status. The integration is built on a robust Grade 1 mechanical platform for added durability.

The integration between C•CURE 9000 and Wi-Q supports multiple card formats including: mag stripe, dual validation, and HIDŽ Proximity. Heavy-duty locks are available in mortise, cylindrical and exit-style trims.

For more information on C•CURE 9000 and STANLEY Wi-Q wireless locks, visit Software House at www.swhouse.com and STANLEY OMNILOCK at www.omnilock.com 


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