April 2014
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PORT GMBH expanded its portfolio of development tools (PROFINET design tool PNDT) for fast and easy integration of PROFINET stacks CC-A / CC-B - RT1

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For comfortable and easy configuration as well as object dictionary management, port provides its Unified DesignTool Platform which enables the user to develop communication solutions using port stacks rapidly. The individual functionality for each stack is realized by plug-ins for each protocol. So the user has only to learn how to work with one tool. The PROFINET DesignTool contains the Unified DesignTool Platform (multiprotocol solution) as well as the plug-in for port’s PROFINET IO stack. The PDNT is the first product of the new DesignTool family as "One" tool for all stacks. The PNDT offers easy creation of new PROFINET devices like Stack configuration,  GSD file creation and  “Keeps all in sync”. Furthermore the new PNDT allows configuration of all relevant aspects of the port PROFINET stack for Resource Management, Device Descriptions, Modules/Slots/Parameters and Driver Settings. 

All modules and slots are represented graphically and can be linked together. An intelligent extended User guidance is also integrated: “Follow the tasks instructions to complete your project”. The tool PNDT is available for Windows and Linux (32bit and 64bit) and requires Java Runtime 6 or higher.

A free trial version is available for download on the website http://www.port.de/en/produkte/profinet/tools/profinet-design-tool.html

About port GmbH

port GmbH was founded in 1990 and has very quickly contributed to the CANopen community.

Having provided its CANopen protocol stack for many years, port GmbH created a POWERLINK protocol stack and an EtherCAT protocol stack as well.Youngest, but the same solid member in port’s product portfolio is the PROFINET protocol stack for 32-bit microcontroller and PC-based Linux and MS-Windows systems.

CatNet SystemsUpon request port GmbH guides its customers through implementation, test, approval and market initiation processes.To meet customer expectations and to provide products, support and engineering services all over the world, port GmbH has existing partnership agreements and distribution contracts with companies in Germany, Europe and the USA. Port’s experience within the business sector are incorporated into port’s products for the benefit of its customers.

By meeting and exceeding the high technical quality standards of the customers all around the world, port’s software products have reached an advanced level of functionality. To meet the high quality requirements of products and services and to guarantee this quality for the customers, port GmbH works with a process management system.

Port GmbH has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999.
Further information can be found at: www.port.de / service@port.de


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