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ANDOVER CONTROLS ANNOUNCES LIMELIGHT™ PC SOFTWARE Low-Cost "Thin Client" User Interface Transforms Your PC into a Control and Monitoring Center

For Immediate Release

Andover, Mass. - Andover Controls Corporation, manufacturer of the Continuum™ integrated building control system, announces the Limelight Configuration Tool PC Software, the first in a family of Limelight applications and products. Limelight software is the perfect choice for applications requiring a low-cost graphical user interface and is compatible with both the Andover Controls' Continuum and Infinity building control systems. Simple to use, Limelight's dynamic color displays provide a complete graphical window into the operation of any building-from a status view of the central plant to individual room conditions. Limelight software runs on any conventional PC that uses today's familiar Windows 95/98/NT operating systems and Ethernet TCP/IP networking protocol.

PlantPROCORE User-Friendly, Point-and-Click Interface With the Limelight software, you can view and adjust point values, and view and acknowledge alerts originating from any Continuum or Infinity device on your network right from your own PC! Simply point-and-click your way through vivid color graphic screens to select a display, change a setpoint, track occupants, control lighting, monitor door status, modify equipment status, arm and disarm high security areas, or navigate to another graphic panel.

In addition to providing a complete graphic overview of the facility, an administrator can configure controllers on the network to display alerts to a Limelight. These alerts can be in addition to the powerful alarming capabilities of an Andover Controls' Continuum CyberStation, or be used for local annunciation of conditions that are out of range.

Limelight supplies numerous animated control objects. The controls include spinners, gauges, knobs, levels, and buttons, among others. Controls display a wide range of live point attributes. Control objects can be used to allow the user to navigate to other panels, change the value of setpoints and other control parameters, and acknowledge alerts, such as an out-of-range condition. Controls may be configured for display-only or for display and change.

All alerts, alert acknowledgements, manual point overrides, log-on/log-off events, and data changes are recorded in an activity log. The log, which provides a useful audit trail of users' activities, can be viewed through a text-editing tool, or by a web browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.

Andover Controls Corporation is the technological leader in integrated control systems for HVAC, security management, and process control applications. Founded in 1975, the company has over 40,000 systems installed in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is part of publicly held BICC plc, a British engineering conglomerate. To find out more about Andover Controls and their new product line, Continuum™, visit their web site at:

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