December 2015
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OnyxxLynxspring Announces Edge-to-Enterprise (E2E) Initiative, New Solutions and Services - AHR Booth #1442

Lynxspring E2E encompasses Onyxx™, an open, embedded edge hardware platform and Helixx™, an open-source software platform and continuous innovation framework that simplifies connectivity, device management, equipment/sensor data management and the development of applications that monitor, manage and control equipment and devices. E2E includes a family of modular, open, hardware and gateways supporting multiple devices, edge-to-enterprise and Cloud applications.

More information about Lynxspring E2E, Onyxx™ and Helixx™ can be found on the company website at:

BACnet Discovery Tool (BDT)

Contemporary Controls has developed a free tool called BACnet Discovery Tool (BDT).  For OEM's that are providing their equipment into a building automation system requiring a BACnet/IP interface, BDT is a tool that can be used to verify the integrity of the BACnet/IP interface with the OEM's equipment. The OEM can confirm the BACnet data is available prior to handing off the equipment to a building automation integrator or a contractor.

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KMC CommanderKMC Introduces KMC Commander - AHR Expo Booth #1219

KMC Commander is the most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) platform for enterprise-level building automation and control. Commander offers cutting-edge integration, analytics, and visualization technology in real-time delivered on your mobile device.

The first purpose-built IoT appliance, analytics package, and visualization engine designed specifically for the building automation market. It features Intel processors and engineering by Dell with additional software stack elements and intellectual property by KMC. As a platform, it is designed to be open (via APIs), secure (embedded McAfee and other security elements), and scalable from a portfolio of small buildings to a single large installation.

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2016 AHR Expo Product Preview2016 AHR Expo Product Preview


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UN-SensorUniversal Sensor from Sontay

The single output UN-Sensor is the latest low-cost addition to Sontay’s range of sensors and is an ideal choice for tight-budgeted projects. Installers can expect devices within the range to automatically detect the controller signal whether it is 4-20mA or 0-10V and rest assured that it will have the accuracy and reliability that the Sontay product family is renowned for. Despite it being the most affordable option in the range and focused on a single output, the device is available to measure a range of variables, concentrating on one of three options: air quality (AQ), carbon dioxide (CO2) and relative humidity (RH).The UN-Sensor is available in space, plant and duct versions.

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QA Graphics Introduces the Latest in Dashboard Technology

As a leader in innovation for energy efficiency, QA Graphics has launched their latest edition of the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard™ (EEED) powered by The Bridge Data Manager. The new version will use HTML5 technology, allowing for responsive design that adjusts to different devices and lends itself to more mobile options. In addition to these new features, users of the EEED will enjoy all the existing features of the dashboard, including interactive virtual tour capabilities and building performance displays such as Energy Star metrics.

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BAS Services & Graphics, LLC Ontrol Sedona Controllers

We have received a shipment from Ontrol for R-ION and P-ION. Call us for more info.

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