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January 27, 2000

Invensys Controls and ICL Unveil Smart Home for Retailers

Step over the threshold into the Invensys Controls/ICL smart home demonstration last week at the Jacob K. Javits Center, and find yourself in a brave, new world. A world where you can control your environment automatically. A world where you can manage your household free from those annoying concerns and breakdowns that prevent you from completing the task at hand or simply enjoying life.

contemporary Recognizing that the kitchen is the nerve center of the home, the National Retail Federation Show exhibit features a kitchen and family room mock-up equipped with Invensys smart home products. Attached to the door of the InvensysReady™ refrigerator is a bracket holding a portable radio frequency touchpad, the size of a small notebook. It is designed to be simple – a device people want to see, touch, feel and interact with on a daily basis. Touch the pad, and several icons appear.

The touchpad is networked to a countertop PC and standard TV in the family room. Another user interface the system supports is the wall mount or portable PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) device. Through such user interfaces, software and hardware allow access and control of devices, appliances and systems, such as HVAC and lighting, from throughout the home and from remote locations via the Internet.

At the heart of the system is the Invensys ControlServer™ (ICS), still in development and scheduled to make its prototype debut at the end of the first quarter 2000. The ICS serves as the link between the home and outside service and product providers. 

January 17, 2000

Invensys Controls purchases stake in Peracom

Richmond, Virginia--Invensys Controls Chief Executive Rod Powell announced today that Invensys has taken a minority stake in Peracom, a leader in the development of home entertainment networking technologies that makes possible in-home distribution of video entertainment, as well as PC-to-PC communications. 

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