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January 18, 2000

Invensys Controls Joins ETI Alliance

Reliable Controls Richmond, Virginia--Invensys Controls Chief Executive Rod Powell today announced that Invensys has joined the Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance.  "Invensys is proud to become a member," Powell said. "As the global leader in home and business automation, we believe the Internet will play a major role in the smart homes and businesses of the future."

Founded by emWareR, Inc. of Salt Lake City, the purpose of the ETI Alliance is to extend the Internet to any device. While embedded Internet companies are trying to put the Internet into every device with all the associated cost and overhead, emWare and the ETI Alliance allow manufacturers to extend the Internet to products cost-effectively and efficiently through the use of a company's existing protocols and technology. 

The goal of the Alliance is to provide complete, cost-effective solutions based on emWare's EMITR device-networking software. With the EMIT solution, 8-, 16- and 32-bit-based electronic devices commonly found in homes, business products and industrial equipment can be managed and controlled remotely over the Internet or via any network without requiring an RTOS or TCP/IP stack in the embedded device.

Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance

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