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SRS Launches New Web-Based Solution, SiteNet™ Command Center

Company introduces a new, integrated approach for Facility and Energy Management

SRS (Strategic Resource Solutions Corp.) recently announced the launch of a new Internet-based system that helps clients improve facility control and reduce operating costs.

SiteNet™ Command Center, the latest web-based solution from SRS, enables clients to integrate multiple sites for centralized energy and facility management. Based on Internet and Intranet standards, SiteNet™ Command Center integrates multiple facility systems through a Single WindowSM for centralized navigation, monitoring and control of facility and energy information. Using a standard web browser, clients have real-time access to their facility solutions, ranging from building control systems to energy, maintenance and asset management systems. SiteNet™ Command Center is an integrated tool for monitoring and managing maintenance, operations and energy costs, as well as preparing for energy negotiations in a deregulated utility market. Web Site: E-mail:

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Introducing: NIST Traceable Pro Series Electronic Signal Data Loggers

Dickson is pleased to introduce the ES120 Pro Series Electronic Signal Data Logger to their current line of instrumentation.

The ES120 is a multi purpose dual channel data logger that meets many recording requirements. This data logger accepts voltage or current input from a variety of electronic transmitters and can document temperature, humidity, flow, pressure, pH, conductivity, air quality and more.

The ES120 features a delayed start capability, data storage of 32,512 sample points, 5 year battery life, and fast download time.  The ES120 is also compatible with our multipoint monitor, MP100, for remote monitoring of multiple instruments from one PC.

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Teletrol Introduces eBuilding

Manchester, NH - Teletrol Systems Inc., a manufacturer of automation systems and controllers for HVAC systems, lighting control, integrated access control, and light industrial applications, will be introducing “eBuilding” at this year’s ASHRAE show in Dallas, Texas.

“eBuilding” is the next generation in open systems for building automation.  Based on Microsoft’sÔ CE operating system and presenting full BACNet compliance, eBuilding controllers communicate over Internet-ready 10/100MHz TCP/IP Ethernet LAN’s.  The eBuilding controllers are configured and programmed using “eDIFICE”, Teletrol’s Windows 2000/NT graphical programming environment that offers the option for embedded Java and/or Visual Basic.  eBuilding controllers present system information, alarms, and schedules using a standard web page format, allowing building managers to view and interact with their HVAC using the world’s most popular web browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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Breakthrough CO2 Sensor Technology - Recalibrate Only Every Five Years

he GMD/W20 Series Transmitters – accurate, stable CO2 measurement for five years.Introducing Vaisala’s GMD/W20’s Series

Vaisala the GMD/W20 Series of CO2 transmitters are so stable that they require calibration only every five years. They feature CARBOCAP®, a breakthrough self-compensation sensor technology that provides superior stability, accuracy and temperature dependence over a broader temperature range. There’s no add-on software fix or external software compensation. Just excellent sensor stability – for five years!

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Vaisala’s new GMD20 and GMW20 series transmitters incorporate the new silicon CARBOCAP sensor that is not affected by dust, water vapor and most chemicals. Available with or without display, these duct and wall mount units can be used independently or can be incorporated into building energy management systems. They are easy to install and require almost no maintenance. The result is considerable savings in installation, operation, maintenance and calibration costs while ensuring the best possible control of air quality.

The GMD/W20 series transmitters measure carbon dioxide from 0…2000 ppm, though they can be calibrated for other ranges. Accuracy at +20°C (including nonlinearity and calibration uncertainty) is <±(20 ppm + 1.5% of reading.) Long-term stability is <±100 ppm/5years. Response time is < 60 seconds (10…90% response). In addition to the standard 0 …20 mA, 4…20 mA and 0…10 V outputs, there are also two options: a LonWorks® interface and a relay output.

Founded in 1981, Vaisala’s United States operation manufactures and markets environmental measurements and systems to government and industry. It is a global market leader in professional equipment measuring humidity, CO2 and barometric pressure.

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