Press Release - Jan 14, 1999
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December 23, 1999

For Immediate Release: Invensys Building Systems, Inc. is Announced

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Rockford, Illinois -- Invensys Building Systems, Inc., as it is now known, has replaced its previous identity of Siebe Intelligent Building Systems. Invensys Building Systems, Inc. is the new legal name for the former Barber-Colman Company. This new identity provides alignment with the overall Invensys corporate strategy for long-term brand name leveraging throughout the company’s customer base.

Invensys, the new name, has its roots in invention, innovation and systems, clearly emphasizing the company's focus on world class technologies providing intelligent solutions for global markets.

The new name identities will be as follows;

The new group identity Invensys Building Systems, Inc., reflects a vision of being able to incorporate all Invensys products and services into commercial control systems. The new brand name "Invensys Intelligent Buildings " retains the concept of Intelligent Automation, but focuses toward the building environment. It also represents Invensys’ overall strategy for brand name leveraging better than the previous identity of Siebe Environmental Controls.

About Invensys Building Systems, Inc.
As one of the world's largest manufacturers of interoperable building control products, the "Invensys Intelligent Buildings Division", coupled with the value-added services of the "Systems and Services Division", provides comprehensive programs and easy-to-use systems and component products to optimize commercial building operation through OEMs, and a world-wide network of Field Offices and Distributors. 

Control Solutions, Inc About our parent corporation:
Invensys Building Systems is a member of the Invensys Controls Division. Invensys plc is a global electronics and engineering company created by the merger of BTR plc and Siebe plc on 4 th February 1999. With its head office in London, England it operates in all regions of the world through four focused divisions - Intelligent Automation, Industrial Drive Systems, Power Systems and Controls.

The Invensys vision is to be the global leader in the automation and controls industry. With over 100,000 employees, the company’s products range from advanced control systems for automating industrial plants and controlling the environments of buildings, to electronic devices and controls found in residential buildings and light commercial applications.

For More Information:
Communications Department
Invensys Building Systems
1354 Clifford Avenue (Zip 61111), P.O. Box 2940, Loves Park, IL 61132-2940 USA
Telephone +1 815 637 3000 Facsimile +1 815 637 5335

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