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November 17, 1999

PacifiCorp Selects Energy Interactive Inc.'s
Energy Profiler Online™ to Deliver Usage Information to Key Customers

Oakland, California Energy Interactive (EI) announced today that PacifiCorp has selected EI's Web-based energy analysis tool, Energy Profiler Online, to deliver usage data to major customers. Energy Profiler Online delivers graphical representations of interval metered load data as well as summary statistics and usage history for larger commercial and industrial energy customers.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]PacifiCorp had been searching for a way to deliver value-added energy information services to their largest customers online. The company had offered paper-based analysis services in the past, but as PacifiCorp's Jim Haberman explains, "we knew we needed to offer an online solution to our customers' information needs. Energy Profiler Online delivers the functionality we need with a great deal of flexibility in allowing users to customize the information it provides, which is especially useful for chain accounts and other customers with multiple sites. Energy Interactive was also able to deploy the system within a very short timeframe."

Implementation time is a common concern among utilities, notes EI Vice President of Information Systems, Nathan Trueblood. "As an application service provider to the utility industry, one of the questions we hear most often is, 'how long before this is up and running?' Our customers are often surprised when we tell them a typical EPO installation is available to customers within two to three weeks of project initiation." Clients have the option to migrate the service in-house, but to date all of EPO customers have opted to have EI host the service. Adds Trueblood, "The fact that we develop, deploy and maintain online energy information services for a living instills confidence in our clients that their service will always be available to their customers."

Energy Profiler Online is presently in use at nine utility organizations, including PacifiCorp, with more slated to go online over the next few months. "Another compelling aspect of choosing EPO was Energy Interactive's commitment to continuing development of the service," remarks Haberman. EI President John Powers explains, "we're constantly adding new features to EPO, many of which have come directly from our customers' suggestions. As a result, energy suppliers who invest in EPO get an ongoing return in the form of new functionality. We anticipate Web-based services like EPO to become even more widespread as deregulation continues and utilities and energy service providers look for ways to deliver innovative service to large commercial and industrial customers."

Energy Interactive is a leading developer of energy information systems and services. Located in Oakland, California, EI provides tools for electric and gas utilities, power marketers, aggregators, energy service providers and major energy consumers.

PacifiCorp is located in Portland, Oregon. Through its Pacific Power, Utah Power and Powercor subsidiaries, the company serves nearly two million electricity customers in the western US and Australia. Information about PacifiCorp can be found at

Contact  for more details about EI's products and services.

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