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Staefa is gearing up for the first International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (ASHRAE trade show) of the new century. We have a great deal of exciting news to share with you about our products and systems.

Meeting unique requirements of applications is under control with Staefa Control System controllers

Buffalo Grove, IL - Staefa Control System offers a wide range of controllers, Smart II Plus Controllers, SMVU Controllers, RS Controllers and NCRS(TM) Controllers. Designed to meet different applications solutions, the affordable controllers are backed by nearly 20 years of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing intelligent controllers.

contemporary Smart II Plus Controllers - Configured with the industry standard 0-10 Vdc analog output, Smart II Plus Controllers can work with a networked Staefa control system, such as the MS1800 Building Management System, or as stand-alone units. The standard analog output means that Smart II Plus Controllers are compatible with virtually any industry-standard end device, including OpenAir(TM) actuators, Flowrite and Powermite 599 Series valves and actuators from Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Smart II Plus Controllers meet the application requirements of small to widely-distributed, large building complexes.

"From the most complex mechanical equipment room to local room level terminal units," says Staefa's Associate Product Manager, Will Podgorski, "Smart II Plus Controllers can handle every control and monitoring need in a facility." The family of Smart II Plus Controllers is ideal for a wide range of facility applications. While many facilities require a normal turndown ratio of 50:1 to 100:1 for providing quality temperature control, there are situations where extreme temperature accuracy is mandatory, such a surgical wards or biohazard laboratories. The family is also compatible with Staefa's magnetic valves, enabling increased accuracy and precise control of your facility's environment.

SMVU Controllers - When the application calls for reduced I/O (input/output) configurations and non-plenum rated requirements, SMVU controllers are the alternative to the Smart II Plus Controllers. SMVU controllers provide direct digital control for a variety of supply pressure independent variable air volume and constant air volume terminal applications.

RS Controllers - For chiller plants, boiler plants and fan room applications, Staefa's RS Controllers are the logical solution. The RS Controller provides I/O and control program flexibility that is important to many primary equipment applications. RS Controllers handle a variety of industry standard signals, including a direct 0-10 Vdc. Plug-in I/O modules are used when other signal types are needed. "It is the high I/O capacity that makes this controller ideal for equipment and mechanical room applications," says Staefa's Product Manager, Mary Korman.

NCRS Controller - Known as the manager of Staefa's MS1800 Building Management System, the NCRS Controller connects the PC-based operator's MS1800 workstation to Smart II Plus Controllers, SMVU Controllers and RS Controllers. The design permits remote downloading of the complete operating system and applications database. The multitasking architecture results in faster, more accurate control. Communicating on a dual LAN (Local Area Network), up to 32 NCRS Controllers per site can be networked together. Two workstations can be connected to one NCRS Controller, either directly or remotely via dial-up. Once connected, the operator moves throughout the site's network to view any area of the building complex.

Up to four controller trunks are available from each NCRS Controller to communicate with the family of Staefa controllers. Each NCRS trunk communicates to a maximum of 40 Smart II Plus Controllers, 60 SMVUs or 16 RS Controllers. To ensure continuous system operations, an NCRS can function as a standalone product.

"The NCRS Controller also interfaces with selected third-party devices such as lighting control systems, power management systems, packaged HVAC equipment and others via Staefa's EasyLink interface," explains Korman.

"For smaller jobs that do not require networking, Staefa recommends the mini NCRS controller," says Korman. The mini NCRS controller with two-trunk capacity is a cost-effective solution.

EasyLink interface - This new interface connects Staefa's MS1800 and MS2000 Building Management Systems to various third-party systems such as HVAC, fire systems, boiler control systems, lighting, computer room air conditioning and industrial.

Since 1962, Staefa Control System has been an international leader in the manufacturing, installation and service of building control and management systems. As part of the Siemens Building Technologies family, Staefa Control System utilizes the vast technical resources of this industrial leader. Authorized Staefa dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada provide the best in comfort control advancements, customer service and support.

For more information about controllers, visit Staefa's Web site at, or contact Will Podgorski or Mary Korman at Staefa, 1000 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089, (847) 215-1000.

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