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Industry thought leader’s share insight to Connection Communities Collaboration Meeting

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Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014 1:30pm at AHR Expo in New York

AutomatedBuildings.com January 09 2014 - This meeting is designed to be fast moving and expects the attendees to have a basic understanding of the evolving connection communities' needs. At the bottom is a link to required reading from our presenting thought leaders to allow you to get on the same page as them.

Moderator: Ken Sinclair Owner/Publisher, AutomatedBuildings.com

Introducing the Industry Thought Leaders:

Andy McMillan - Innovation Strategy Practitioner

Several technologies are coming together in building controls that will drive truly radical change.  LED lighting is one, wireless communications is a second and cloud-based applications and services is a third. Together, they could turn the whole world of building automation upside down.

Louis-Nicolas Hamer Director, Global Business Development at Schneider Electric

Customers are requesting solutions to their pain points, not specific technologies or protocols. Connection Community is all about the industry from different vendors and different technology Alliances getting together to ensure we create the required synergies for interoperable and scalable solutions. The EnOcean Alliance offers great technology to answer some key pain points but it also realizes that it needs to interact with many other communities to offer a full solution.

Marc Petock Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring, Inc

Today, many innovations are being fueled by collaborative, connected community efforts. We see it most clearly in the Internet and web, where new capabilities are continuously developed by communities that build on the work of others, creating “mashups”, and new complimentary applications. We also see it in M2M and are beginning to see it to some degree in our very own industry. Collaborative community efforts are helping drive new ways to extend the value of our building systems and effecting change and innovation.

John Petze  Partner at SkyFoundry

Haystack data modeling techniques can be used with virtually any type of system data. It's not tied to any vendor, or communication protocol. It can be used with legacy system data and with more modern systems that allow tags to be defined in the end device. It can also be used with file data – like csv files, and Excel files. "Project Haystack. This eight minute video provides a great overview describing what it is about and why it is needed."  Link: http://youtu.be/5C6GwLbYqTw

Steve Jones  Managing Partner at The S4 Group

The Connection Community is member directed, member moderated, very agile, and can frequently morph itself to meet the needs of its membership: I think by now the general topic of Connection Communities has run its course. However, we might be able to gain some interest and new discussions by exploring how the various connection communities can work more effectively together for the benefit of the building owner and operator. Where I’m heading is that in some cases the focus of some connection communities needs to migrate from a specific technology or manufacturer to a solutions focus that embraces multiple technologies and manufacturers. This means better coordination and cooperation as well as the specifics of technology. As rapidly as our world is changing there is not one organization that can meet all needs all the time.

Barry Haaser President, Lakeview Group

As someone who creates and manages connected communities, I am a strong believer in industry collaboration. This is a great venue for different communities to share information and identify common ground. There are a number of issues percolating to the top, including cyber and network security, solution selling, Industrial Internet of Things, smart grid connectivity and multi-protocol system integration.

Ben Dorsey Sr. VP, Marketing & Communications at KMC Controls

Reliable Controls Our connected, collaborative community can create consensus and drive toward admirable goals.  Technology takes a seat near the head of our collaborative table.  And where technology plays such a role, the digital divide rears its ugly head. Our consensus may very well increase the pace of change, further widening this divide.  What shall we do to bridge it?  And, why should we concern ourselves?  (After all, there will always be early adopters and later adopters, right?)  Let us consider our non-technology responsibilities as we strive toward true advancement within the high performance building arena. 

Required Reading For Connection Community Collaboration Meeting New York

This meeting is planned to be fast moving and expects the attendees to have a basic understanding of the evolving connection communities' needs.

The above listing is the speaking order.

Format:  We have limited our leaders' thoughts to five minutes after which I will as moderator ask a few questions for clarity and then request a few minutes of input from our panel of thought leaders. Then on to the next thought leader's five minute presentation. I hope to hold some time for questions from the floor preferably after TL exchange. I predict meeting will exceed the allotted one hour.

No power points will be allowed or demos of thoughts, only old school face-to-face collaboration and interaction.


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