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New Sanyo Security Serial ProtocolTM (SSPTM)
Position Paper


Sanyo is introducing the Sanyo Security Serial ProtocolTM (SSPTM), a communications method for interfacing between various components of a security video system, thus allowing components of a security system to communicate with each other. This can also include video access control and alarm systems.

Communications between components of the same manufacturer does exist, but communications between components built by different manufacturers has not been possible without using different protocols from different manufacturers, provided they were available. Sanyo's SSP protocol eliminates the need for numerous protocols and extends the range of control to include security tape recorders, multiplexers and cameras. Once this protocol is adopted by controller manufacturers, security product users will be able to control Sanyo components from a variety of controller manufacturers. This results in the freedom of product users and system developers to design the best system to meet specific application requirements regardless of the equipment source.


Sanyo's SSP protocol uses both existing RS232C for connection to a computer and addressable RS485 for connection to network controllers. These are the most effective communications methods between various products and software programs.

Sanyo's SSP communications link is designed specifically for security applications. The system can address up to a maximum of 255 nodes. Communication speed is selectable, utilizing both high-speed and low-speed communications. The system is half duplex, allowing for bi-directional communications of data, and is designed to communicate device alarm conditions back to the controller. Up to five different controllers can be used. An advanced system to avoid data collisions is included in the protocol.

The Sanyo SSP protocol offers several unique features. First is the ability to address devices in groups. This function is particularly valuable in systems using large numbers of video tape recorders, multiplexers and cameras. Using this feature, a "group" of time-lapse recorders can eject tape or start recording all with the touch of one button. Second is a unique polling system which permits each on-line device to communicate the following modes to the controller: alarm start time, alarm stop time, and any unauthorized mode status change due to either a tape transport problem or user tampering.

By utilizing RS232C and addressable RS485, the product user has a more efficient security system. Now customers can take advantage of RS485, which includes the ability to address over 255 individual devices on a single pair of twisted wire cables. Theoretically, this cable can be as long as 4,000 feet without the need for extension devices. Sanyo's SSP communications link will allow the control of security video and access control products from a central controller.


The first release of the protocol will include command sets for video tape recorders and multiplexers. Sanyo is presently working on a command set for cameras. The following illustration demonstrates potential use of Sanyo's SSP communications products:


Sanyo will continue to develop command sets for different functions of various components. Sanyo's SSP communications products can include access control system components as well as security video components.


The introduction of this protocol is significant. It offers a more effective means of communicating between components of a security system. A product user should have the advantage of compatible communication between controllers and time-lapse recorders, multiplexers and cameras. Sanyo's SSP is designed to achieve these goals.

Sanyo looks forward to working with controller manufacturers who wish to include this protocol in their products. As this occurs, the industry benefits, but more importantly, the product user benefits.

For additional information on the Sanyo SSP protocol, please contact Sanyo Security Products at (818) 998-7322 x289.

Press Contact: Bev Steinberg GBL Public Relations (714) 777-2760 email:

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