Press Release - July 99
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Control Solutions, Inc. - Minnesota

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Introduction of new line of Temperature Sensors:

Control Solutions, Inc Temco Controls has been in the HVAC business since 1960. Our strong points are our many years of HVAC experience combined with a flexible and committed attitude towards industry partners.

The latest addition to our product line is the T3000 series of DDC temperature sensors, compatible with all the famous brand HVAC control systems. These sensors are priced significantly lower than current trade prices, yet the quality is superior to accepted standards, borrowing materials and assembly techniques from the industrial sector. The industrial grade probes are epoxy sealed and extensively tested during each stage of manufacturing. The active element is a precision thermistor in 3k, 10k or 100k ranges for compatibility with all major systems. 1k platinum element versions are available. Accurate to +/- 0.2 DegC from 0C to 70C. Operating Range: -80C to 120C.  The specs are on our website at

All prices are FOB Vancouver, Canada. Contact us directly at 604-638-8294 or

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