March 2010
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Aspect Product Family v1.03American Auto-Matrix® releases the highly anticipated Aspect Product Family v1.03

American Auto-Matrix® announces the release of v1.03 of their Aspect Product Family. This release adds many new features and functions to one of the most groundbreaking and cost effective area control and integration solutions in the industry today. In this version, users now have the ability to communicate with American Auto-Matrix Legacy Control Solutions such as the SageMAX IPX v1.9; use of a fully interactive and printable Online Help System; dial in modem support; and the ability to interface with a building through Twitter.

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FlexStatKMC's FlexStat Expands Flexibility

Don't know FlexStat? It's our integrated controller and sensor in one. It's a native BACnet device that's ideal for standalone or network control applications. It's a programmable communicating thermostat. And it has built-in applications (no programming required) for standard equipment, making it ideal for small building applications. With flexible input and output configurations, you'll be amazed at the agility of this product.

So what's new with FlexStat? It's had temperature and optional humidity sensing built-in from the beginning. Now, it's offered with occupancy (motion) sensing as well. And with our "adaptive occupancy" programming built-in, FlexStat learns the behavorial uses of the space to automatically control the activation and deactivation of heating, cooling, lighting, etc.

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Babel Buster BB2-3010Control Solutions Introduces Babel Buster BB2-3010 BACnet MS/TP to Modbus RTU gateway

Control Solutions has announced immediate availability of its Babel Buster BB2-3010 BACnet MS/TP to Modbus RTU gateway. This gateway is an upgraded and enhanced version of the popular Babel Buster 485XM, featuring higher performance, twice the capacity, more features, and improved ease of use. Only the low cost remains the same. Control Solutions has also introduced the MTX002, a USB to MS/TP adapter that provides a reliable connection between the PC and the MS/TP network for configuration and diagnostics. Configuration software for the BB2-3010 is greatly enhanced over previous software tools. The BB2-3010 is most often used to connect Modbus RTU devices to an MS/TP network, but can be used to connect MS/TP devices to a Modbus RTU network. The BB2-3010 includes BACnet client and server, and Modbus master and slave. Up to 300 BACnet objects are supported. COV support is also included.

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NFB, NFX New Generation of ActuatorsBelimo Releases NFB, NFX New Generation of Actuators

Danbury, Connecticut - Belimo Americas, the leading producer of electronic control valves and air damper actuators, has introduced the New Generation NFB, NFX series that, once again, raises the bar for actuator quality, reliability and technical prowess. The NFB, NFX New Generation actuators features a compact size, low power consumption, increased torque to 90 in-lbs (50% more compared to original NF series), and faster running times (with MFT technology) offer new solutions for control dampers, control valves and retrofit applications. The NFB, NFX New Generation can also be integrated with new and existing Belimo accessories allowing for more options in both mounting and commissioning. A wide selection of clamping options, electrical connections and running times are now available. Designed for new construction, retrofit and OEM markets, these compact actuators are fully backward-compatible with current NF actuators.

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G01-CO2 Series Carbon Dioxide Controller Tongdy Control Technology introduces the G01-CO2 Series Carbon Dioxide Controller.

Tongdy Control Technology introduces the G01-CO2 Series Carbon Dioxide Controller. This unit has an LCD readout indicating CO2, Humidity and Temperature. There is an alarm buzzer and (3) color back-lit display that changes as CO2 goes up. Communication is through RS-485 and a hand-held remote control. This unit is accurate and features a self calibrating NDIR CO2 sensor with a 0-20000 ppm range. Outputs are available from (1) dry contact to (3) analog signals. It can be wall-mounted or is available in a desktop configuration.

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Ventostat 8000 seriesSensors Reduce Ventilation Costs by 20% and Increase Energy Conservation

The new Ventostat 8000 series, from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, monitors temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) and humidity via one cost effective transmitter unit. This allows building managers to easily control indoor air quality within a building management system. Through monitoring, energy loss from over ventilation can be reduced and may provide building owners a savings of up to 20% of the ventilation costs. Replacing the existing Telaire Ventostat, this new transmitter for HVAC demand control ventilation brings three technologies together into one sleek modern design. The patented ABC Logic self-calibration logarithms provide a lifetime calibration guarantee, which eliminates long-term cost. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies designs a wide range of sensors that help monitor indoor air quality and help maximize energy use. GE building transmitters, such as those found in the Ventostat product family, can help achieve green building objectives and reduce a building’s environmental footprint.

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