Press Release - November 2001
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Testo News:

New Fiber Optic Scope

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Flanders, NJ - Testo, Inc., is expanding their comprehensive HVAC product line with the addition of the NEW TestoView, a lighted fiber optic visual inspection tool ideal for exploring inaccessible areas in many HVAC and industrial applications. The TestoView is available in 18 inch and 36 inch lengths. Not only is it designed to save both time and money by reducing the hours often wasted in equipment disassembly, it also provides inside details for diagnosing HVAC and industrial problems faster and easier.

Typical applications include diagnosing blocked air conditioner evaporator coils (the hidden cause of many overcharged systems) and examining heat exchangers from the inside out. Plus, it can be used for feeding thermostat wires, checking for ductwork clearance and many other daily HVAC and industrial tasks.

Reliable Controls 325 Automatic Combustion Analyzer Eliminates "The Shakes"

Flanders, NJ - Testo announces the release of its new CompanionTM Model 325 Combustion Analyzer, for fast, easy, and affordable residential burner- boiler tuning and adjustment. The "Companion" eliminates the old, slow shaker bottle technology in combustion analysis and replaces it with portable solid state reliability.

CO Analyzers

Flanders, NJ - Testo, the leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion analyzers, announces the release of its new Carbon Monoxide Analyzers, testo 325-3 and the testo 315-2, for fast, easy, and affordable residential burner-boiler and ambient CO analysis.  The new testo 325-3 is ideal for CO measurements in flue. It comes complete with automatic pump, compact flue gas probe and built in water trap. Measurements are extremely fast and accurate and can be printed on-site with the convenient optional infrared printer. 

Pocket-Sized, Digital Psychrometers

Flanders, NJ - Testo, Inc., is releasing their "SMART" new series of digital psychrometers, the testo 605 Humidity STICKS, specifically designed for the HVAC Industry. The 605 STICKS offer quick and low cost humidity and temperature measurements with either dew point or wetbulb. The 605-H2 with wetbulb offers faster and more reliable measurements than other psychrometers that require a slide rule.

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