November 2013
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"The only indoor CO2 sensor you’ll ever need to buy"

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SenseAir designs eSENSE U exclusively for

SenseAir, a world-leading manufacturer of infrared carbon dioxide sensors and controllers, has designed the eSENSE U for exclusive sale on
eSENSE U is a universal CO2 sensor with a number of innovative features to measure and control indoor air quality while ensuring occupant comfort and convenience. eSENSE U offers flexibility through multiple jumper-selectable outputs, self-calibration logic that may be easily turned on and off, and the unique ability for the sensor to show or hide its LCD (with the included plastic cover) at one low price.
“We are excited about the new eSENSE U and our partnership with The combination of accuracy, ease of use, modern design and affordability makes eSENSE U the only indoor CO2 sensor you’ll ever need to buy,” said Jeff Baymor, CEO of SenseAir North America.
Three primary features make eSENSE U unique to the industry:
•    The new sensor features multiple jumper-selectable outputs: 0-5V; 0-10V; or 4-20mA. Other similar products typically offer only one or two of these ranges.
•    Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) self-calibration logic can easily be turned on or off, ensuring accuracy in certain environments and situations. Traditionally, it is difficult or impossible to turn off the ABC self-calibration in similar units.
•    eSENSE U comes with an LCD at the same low cost as a traditional sensor without display - but with the eSENSE U, the installer can make the last-minute decision to show the LCD, or simply cover it up with the included plastic shield.
Control Solutions, Inc eSENSE U is universal in its application. Such flexibility as well as an affordable price enables vendors to stockpile the sensor for future use.
“Customers will find eSENSE U to be a great product with a clear return on investment. And it can be ordered quickly and easily, backed up by the personalized technical support at,” said Eddie Johnson, Vice President of Vendor Development at
With more than 20 years of experience, SenseAir is world renown in the field of infrared gas measurement technology. The company focuses on the best accuracy and highest performance in its measurement devices. is an innovative and convenient online marketplace for HVAC, building automation and lighting control products.
For more information, contact Eddie Johnson, Vice President Vendor Development,


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