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Electronic Lighting, Inc. Announces Participation in CellNet Data Systems’ Application Partners Program

Electronic Lighting Inc. (ELI™), one of the nation's leaders in the design and manufacture of controllable fluorescent lighting systems, has become the first lighting manufacturer to participate in CellNet Data System, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: CNDS) Application Partners Program (CAPP).

PlantPROCORE As a CAPP member, ELI uses CellNet wireless network technology with ELI’s controls and dimmable ballasts to give facility managers monitoring, verification and control over the lighting electrical loads. In a project currently underway in Southern California, these collective technologies are being applied in several innovative ways. CellNet endpoint devices collect demand (kW) data from the building’s electrical meters and low-voltage lighting control panels. Additionally, analog signals from ELI photosensors are captured to validate daylight harvesting. CellNet transmits this data to its server on the Web where it is analyzed and displayed graphically to depict lighting system performance. A facility manager can access this data via the Internet to manage energy costs by reducing the electricity demand of lighting systems during peak demand hours.

CAPP, launched in February by the San Carlos, California-based telemetry service provider, was designed to facilitate the integration of energy information collected over CellNet networks with the software, services and products of participating companies. Examples of the energy information services provided by CAPP members include detailed energy usage analysis and information management; billing management; facility monitoring; and energy trading, scheduling and forecasting. Other companies already participating in the program include Enercom, Energy Interactive, Silicon Energy and Strategic Resource Solutions (SRS), among others.

"We are very excited to be a part of this innovative program," said Joseph Desmond, ELI’s President and CEO. "Working with CellNet, ELI can now offer a broad range of integrated data solutions to our already extensive package of lighting energy management solutions. The ability to access performance information over the Internet provides significant value for our clients."


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