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Harwood International Selects Electronic Lighting, Inc.’s Controllable Lighting System For Installation in Jones Day Building

NEWARK, CALIF. – July 20, 1999 – Pioneering the use of controllable lighting throughout a new-construction office facility, Harwood International selected Electronic Lighting, Inc.’s (ELI™) system to provide daylight harvesting and lighting load shedding technologies for the Jones Day Building (Phase III of Harwood’s International Center) in Dallas.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Harwood International (formerly Harwood Pacific Corporation) is an international real estate developer and investment firm with developments in Texas, California, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina and Asia.

Control Solutions, Inc According to Joseph Desmond, ELI’s President and CEO, "We are very excited to be working with a company like Harwood International. They see the benefits – both monetary and the more intangible – in providing energy-efficient buildings to their customers. ELI’s controllable lighting system is the ideal way for them to achieve these goals – now and into the future."

The controllable lighting system installed at the Jones Day building will result in a demand reduction of 78 kW per month over the fixed-output alternative. This translates into a reduction of operating costs of nearly $20,000 a year. The incremental cost to install an ELI dimming system is recovered in less than 2 years.

The Jones Day Building is the third building constructed in the International Center in the uptown Dallas area. The 210,000-square foot 10-story office building will serve as the Dallas headquarters for Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, one of the nation’s largest law firms. Tenants of the building are scheduled to move in August 1999.

Phase IV of the International Center is scheduled for completion in January 2000. The 220,000-square foot 20-story office building will also utilize ELI’s controllable lighting system and is already 60% leased by Centex. Upon its completion, the Jones Day and Phase IV Buildings will be connected via Silicon Energy’s Enerscape™, an enterprise energy management application that integrates existing energy systems onto a single enterprise network. This will allow Harwood International to aggregate the loads of multiple buildings. With a $0.03/kWh energy rate and $12.40/kW demand charge, the ability to manage demand will have a significant impact on their savings.

"Our goal is to go beyond real-estate development by enhancing every building’s functional efficiency. This includes low E window systems, digital HVAC and now, ELI’s controllable lighting systems," said Doug Walker, President of Harwood International. "We find that utilizing these technologies maximizes tenant comfort while lowering our operating costs – a savings we, in turn, can pass on to our clients. We are always actively exploring new technologies to enhance the office environment. After we researched lighting solutions available to us it became clear that ELI’s products are an extension of our own philosophy."

Standing as a landmark near the entrance to the Dallas North Tollway and the Central Business District since its completion in 1982, the Rolex Building was Harwood’s first building in the International Center. Rolex Watch Services has occupied the building, which served as the preliminary testing site for ELI’s lighting system earlier this year.

Testing completed in January and February 1999 at the Rolex Building was compelling enough to cause Harwood International to replace the factory-installed standard T8 electronic ballasts which had been previously purchased and arrived at the Jones Day building already installed in the lighting fixtures. These ballasts were replaced with ELI’s PowerPlus® dimming electronic ballasts.

"Once we realized just how significant the savings were, we knew it would be a mistake not to move forward," said Walker.

ELI PowerPlus 2-lamp dimming ballasts were installed in 1,600 2-lamp 18-cell parabolic fixtures with specular reflectors in the Jones Day Building. All of the fixtures on the windowed perimeter of the building, which amounted to 70% of the fixtures, are connected to ELI’s DayWatt™ photosensors (Model PS1) for daylight harvesting.

In addition, each ballast in the building is connected to ELI’s Envoy™ Lighting Load Controller (Model LS3). One LS3 was located on each floor set to respond to demand signals from the building EMS system.

Originally, the Jones Day building was slated for a typical new fixture incorporating a 3-lamp fixed-output ballast. After reviewing the potential energy savings and light level requirements, the choice was made to install 2-lamp dimming ballasts with reflectors instead. The data driving this decision were that a standard fixed-output 3-lamp ballast consumes 89 Watts, while the same fixture with a 2-lamp dimming ballast and a reflector utilizing dimming strategies consumes approximately 42 Watts. This energy savings is accomplished while maintaining the light level at about 50 foot-candles. The choice to go with dimming translates into savings of 53% over a 3-lamp fixed-output fixture and 28% over a 2-lamp fixed-output fixture.

Located in the Silicon Valley, ELI designs and manufactures innovative lighting products, providing low-cost dimming ballasts with the QuickLink™ connection system. ELI’s controllable lighting systems easily interface with energy management systems (EMS’s) and various monitoring and reporting software packages to provide complete control of the lighting system. The company also acts as a solutions integrator by combining the right ELI lighting system with the optimum configuration of metering and information systems to assure maximum savings to the end user. ELI gives customers total control over their lighting environment, which results in increased efficiency, lower operating costs, and improved visual comfort.

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