June 2004

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Educational Update

  Ken Sinclair

If you are active in the large Building Automation industry but feel you need  a quick check up to see if you are aware of all the issues our industry is now facing review the updates below each of the 11 trends.  If you need more information on the update go to the reference link.

In May of 2001 I wrote 11 Revolutionary Automation Trends in Large BuildingsThese 11 trends are having a significant effect on the present revolution or rapid evolution of large Buildings Automation.

#1 World Wide Web  As with nearly every other industry on the planet, the future of Automated Buildings is directly linked with the World Wide Web.
Update: Trend is still towards web but new tools such as XML/Web Services are evolving to speed up transition.

Concept: XML (extensible markup language) / Web Services movement has  spawning a number of dot coms and dot orgs to share information with our industry. For history, connection and insight into these valuable resources follow the highlighted link.

#2 Field Bus Communication Standards

Concept: LonWorks ANSI/EIA-709.1 and BACnet ISO 16484-5 protocols offer interoperability of products between manufacturers. The industry can now focus on two major platforms instead of 15 or so proprietary platforms. At one time there were major battles to see which protocol would win out in the industry. It is becoming clear that both protocols have become well established and manufacturers are working to offer building systems supporting both platforms.LonWorks and BACnet System Solution on a Chip

#3 Wireless Revolution June column

#4Componentization of the Control of the HVAC Industry  Read Original article The original concept is the same, controls are turned into commodities and when standard protocols like BACnet and Lon are provided in a chip solution the islands of automation intelligence are bridged with standards in communication protocols.

Do you think all products will become commodities? EMAIL INTERVIEW  Tracy Markie & Ken Sinclair

Controls Hardware Erosion  The concept of networking to the video screen with browser-based menus seems to be a natural evolution for all these products. Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner AutomatedBuildings.com

New sources of info

National Building Controls Information Program

The National Building Controls Information Program publishes reports designed to assist engineers, building owners, facility managers, building operators, installation specialists, product specifiers, commissioning providers, and manufacturers with the selection, installation, operation and maintenance of control products and strategies for their building application.

What is GridWise ?

GridWise is an entirely new way to think about how we generate, distribute and use energy. Using advanced communications and up-to-date information technology, GridWise will improve coordination between supply and demand, and enable a smarter, more efficient, secure and reliable electric power system.



BACnet Institute
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