August 2006

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Energy Impact of Commercial Building Controls &
High Performance Buildings Database

  Ken Sinclair

The purpose of this review is to simply make you aware of this valuable resource. The High Performance Buildings Database is research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy that seeks to improve building performance measuring methods by collecting data on various factors that affect a building's performance, such as energy, materials, and land use. The database collects information from buildings around the world, ranging from homes and commercial interiors to large buildings and even whole campuses and neighbourhoods. These may be certified green projects, or simply projects that have one or more notable environmental features.

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Control Solutions, Inc  If you search this database for the word control

It returns these interesting documents all which have been prepared in the last few months.

DOE Building Technologies Program: Integrated Controls R&D
Advanced Controls Research and Development Many commercial buildings do not operate at their highest achievable levels of energy efficiency. The reasons are many, ranging from incorrect installation of equipment and ... - 24.0KB

DOE Building Technologies Program: Integrated Controls R&D
Wireless Sensors and Controls Wireless power meters transmit consumption data to a personal computer standing ready to display the data received. The PC stores and displays data received from an unlimited number of ... wirelesscontrols.html - 31.9KB

DOE Building Technologies Program: Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls Outdoor lights with photo sensors are controlled by the sun. Lighting controls not only help conserve energy, but they also make a lighting system more flexible. The most common light control is the ... lightingcontrols/ - 30.3KB

DOE Building Technologies Program: Integrated Building Environmental Control System (IBECS)
Integrated Building Environmental Communications System (IBECS) Projector collaborators: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and Dallas Semiconductor Objective: To demonstrate an integrated building equipment ... - 29.7KB

This document is a great resource for quantifying the potential savings of Building Automation.

Energy Impact of Commercial Building Controls and Performance Diagnostics: Market Characterization, Energy Impact of Building Faults and Energy Savings Potential

This document provides a market assessment of existing building sensors and controls and presents a range of technology pathways (R&D options) for pursuing advanced sensors and building control strategies. This report is a synthesis of five white papers, each devoted to either the market assessment or the identification of R&D options to expand the market, and resultant energy savings, from advanced building controls and sensors.

The ideas presented in these white papers were purposefully unconstrained by budget to attempt to capture the full range of potential options. As such, choosing and summarizing highlights from each of these papers, and in turn highlighting this in an Executive Summary, is quite challenging. Instead, what is contained in this Executive Summary is an overview of each chapter.

Market Assessment
The market assessment includes estimates of market potential and energy savings for sensors and control strategies currently on the market as well as a discussion of market barriers to these technologies. Contributors to this report believe that significant energy savings and increased comfort and control for occupants can be achieved with advanced technologies. An estimation of the potential market and energy savings from these advanced technologies is the subject of a follow-on market assessment by TIAX, which should be available in 2005.

Technology Pathways
The Technology Pathway is organized into four chapters:


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