Review - January 2002
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COBA (Connected Open Building Automation)

Ken Sinclair, Editor.

Are you aware of this group and how it may impact our industry? Take the time to review their web site and step through their power point presentation.

Who is COBA?


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COBA (Connected Open Building Automation) is a standardization effort initiated in September 2000 by 15 companies in the construction, building automation, telecommunications, and information technology areas to develop an OSGi-, Java- and Linux-based open software architecture for a 'building operating system'.

COBA Group members include the following companies: ABB, Air-Ix, Akumiitti, Elisa Communications, FCS Partners, Public Works Department in City of Helsinki, Hewlett Packard, Lonix, NCC Finland, Nokia, SOL, Securitas, Senate Properties, Solid Information Technology and YIT Huber. Lonix is coordinating the project.

According to COBA vision, in 2005 COBA will be an open standard for easy and secure access to building functionality on a global scale. It will be as relevant to make sure that there is a COBA access in my building, as it is today to ask whether there is an Internet access in my PC. Accessing the building functionality via a browser over the Internet and via mobile terminals will be widely used.


An extract from their power point presentation

Market Change Begins in Building Automation


An extract from their white paper

A Framework for a COBA Server

A Framework for a COBA Server


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