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Steve Harvey
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"........the light commercial arena, comprising more than 95% of the entire commercial market, has gone largely unnoticed."

The Light Commercial Marketplace: Opportunities for Technology Deployment

In the two years since Parks Associates last looked at the light commercial market, advances in technology and the capabilities for security, energy, communications, and lighting have enhanced the already enormous potential of this market. Yet still, the residential marketplace has garnered the most industry attention, while the light commercial arena, comprising more than 95% of the entire commercial market, has gone largely unnoticed. Acknowledging this need for information, Parks Associates has announced its latest multi-client The Light Commercial Marketplace: Security, Energy Management, Communications, and Lighting.

Commercial Building Overview - Graph

"Most technology hits the commercial marketplace prior to widespread adoption in the residential sector," said Brian Canny, analyst for Parks Associates. "Both markets are distinct but share common elements, and Parks Associates, through its expertise in the residential market, has been able to build a comprehensive study regarding the light commercial market."

contemporary Parks Associates is a leading market research firm for the residential marketplace and spearheaded a landmark study in 1997 entitled Taking Aim @ Light Commercial. By conducting systems analysis, surveys, focus groups, and buyer profiles, Parks Associates provided guidance for companies looking to broaden their core competencies or move into this large and relatively untapped market.

With that report as a foundation, Parks Associates' upcoming The Light Commercial Marketplace will include updated and detailed analysis, including an overview of the marketplace, with individual volumes focusing on security, energy management, communications systems, and lighting, as well as a discussion of the Internet's role in relation to controls.

For more information about this report, please contact Steve Harvey at 972-490-1113 or by e-mail at

About Parks Associates: Parks Associates  is a Dallas, Texas-based market research firm specializing in emerging technologies and services for the home. Founded in 1986, Parks Associates provides primary and secondary research on home systems, in-home networks, home security, consumer electronics, telecommunications, Internet service, energy utility, and subscription TV industries. Parks Associates' clients include both Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. Parks Associates' services include syndicated reports, multi-client studies, custom consulting, workshops, and conferences. 

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