Review - July 2000
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Industry Research 
 Market Trends
Connection to four sources

Your editor is often asked where can we get information on our automation markets?  Here are a few sources.

The following industry research sites were shared with us by one of our readers as some of the sources he had found. I felt that it was worthwhile publishing this information. If you are aware of other industry resources please email the web address to is pleased to publish and help promote companies providing good industry research and share what information we have with our readers.  

Although this information is very dated in net years it would form a good base for further research.

contemporary Both of the following researches are available from The Information Catalog - your online source for finding and purchasing marketing intelligence studies, competitor reports, industry analyses and management resources.

E-Commerce Trends and Outlook: Building Automation Control Systems.
 Price: $200 ; Pages: 60 page ; Date: September, 1999

This report shows how e-commerce has developed and is expected to evolve in the building automation control field. The report is very specific to this marketplace. Information includes: How websites are working for building automation control system companies; website-related revenues; how to increase website visits; and preferences for online marketing. Current and projected e-commerce revenues for building automation control system companies are included, as well as an identification of niche opportunities. The report also covers: specific current e-commerce activities in the building automation control system field; identification of leaders in e-commerce among firms; impact and opportunities for distributors; expected future advances; and how e-commerce will evolve. From Richard K. Miller and Associates.

Worldwide Building Control Systems Market (1998-2003)
Price: 2250 ; Pages: 101 ; Date: June, 1999

Lead by the North American market, building controls exhibited renewed signs of life in 1997 with the first significant advance in a decade. This growth continued in 1998. BCS Partners are recognized as the leading source of market and business research in the field of building automation and control. Systems markets are projected through the year 2003. Supplier market shares are estimated for 1998. Leading suppliers worldwide are ranked based on their overall building controls revenue. From McMahon Technology Associates

The following research by Frost & Sullivan is online at  Frost & Sullivan have a New Location in the Heart of the Silicon Valley effective May 22, 2000

European Building Management and Control System Markets

European Integrated Facilities Management Service Markets

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