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Building Automation Technology Bachelor of Science Degree 

Web site review Ken Sinclair

Almost everyone I have ever met in our industry seems to have a "BS" degree, but few have actually been formally trained as automation professionals. I applaud Pennsylvania College of Technology's new course.

Building Automation Technology Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) Degree Pennsylvania College of Technology

Building Automation Technology (BBT) (Effective Fall 2002)
Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.)

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This two-plus-two bachelor of science curriculum in Building Automation Technology prepares students to work in the field of building automation, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration control (HVACR) and building energy management. The major emphasizes the application of the fundamentals of mechanical systems, control system theory and the use of computer methods to control and integrate the operation of buildings in a productive, safe and efficient manner. The major also emphasizes control system programming and layout, networks used for building control, software programs to design and document control systems, building commissioning, the operation and control of chillers and boilers, and related mechanical and electrical equipment. Energy management in buildings and interoperable systems are also studied. Technical courses include hands-on lab components with work on industry standard and state of the art equipment. This major includes a three-month paid internship in building automation. Students with associate degrees in HVACR Technology (HV/HP), Electrical Technology (EL), Electromechanical Maintenance Technology (MT), and Electronics Technology (ET) may enter the major and take an additional two years plus a summer internship to complete this bachelor's degree.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the Building Automation Engineering Technology bachelor's major will find jobs as building automation-engineering technicians, HVAC Temperature Controls Project Engineer, Controls-Focused Service Technician, Automation Design Engineer, Construction/Project Manager, Remote Site Operations Supervisor, Building Automation System Applications Engineer. Employment opportunities in building automation technology exist with HVAC controls companies, physical plant departments of college, university, hospital, government buildings and other not for profit institutions. Opportunities also are available in commercial and industrial facilities.

Other Courses of interest

Building Automation Industry

BBT209 Building Automation Industry This course presents the fundamentals of commercial HVACR systems used to condition buildings and their occupants and equipment. An introduction to control system operation and control system types is covered.

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BBT414 Building Automation Programming This course provides the student with a introduction to programming HVACR direct digital controllers and building integration panels. Topics include line programming, icon based programming, and template programming.

Building Automation Industry Internship

BBT310 Building Automation Industry Internship This course provides a vehicle for a paid internship with a company, association, or institution with direct involvement in HVACR controls and automation design, layout, installation, or troubleshooting.

Building Control Networks

BBT406 Building Control Networks Topics in this course include common building control network implementations and protocol standards including Web based applications, BACnet, Ethernet, Arcnet, LonTalk and various proprietary systems.

Integrated Building Operation and Energy Management

BBT415 Integrated Building Operation and Energy Management This course involves the study of interoperability between horizontal systems such as HVACR equipment operation from different manufacturers.

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