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All our articles are archived.  We are constantly amazed at the amount of requests for previously published articles.
Below is a listing of the 20 most requested articles from May 1999 through December 2001.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for the site and a special thanks to all our authors.

20 most requested articles

May 1999 (Start up issue)
Your Building Address as a .com?
More new automated buildings now have their own Internet address. Read all about it.
Ken Sinclair
Hospital Graphics  Simplifying Complex Hospital Environment Control with Graphics. Ken Sinclair

July 1999 (Issue #1
Network Control: A New Paradigm For HVAC  Deals with the leading edge thinking that we have come to expect from Tom.  Tom Hartman
Intelligent Buildings Simply Explained  This article offers a summarized, simplified explanation of intelligent buildings. Donald A. Coggan

Reliable Controls September 1999
Combining Wireless Technology and Internet - Seamlessly  Notifact system brings hidden HVAC activity into view. David Sandelman
Implications & Challenges Facing The Intelligent Building Industry  You can not take a building and make it intelligent, the building has to be designed "intelligent" from the first draft on the drawing board.  Per Bjorkdahl

November 1999
Are Automated Buildings Converging or Colliding with the Internet?
  Is our industry listening to the wake up calls of the information revolution? Ken Sinclair

January 2000 
Green Guy Goes Global  I'm off on a sabbatical for the next few months (or more!), starting in London, on the way to Shanghai.  I'm shaping the trip around green and vernacular buildings and city planning efforts. Ian Theaker
HVAC Control: An Essay on Change   "........ the building controls industry is poised for a leap into the world of network based systems."  Tom Hartman
Implementing Open Control Systems: The Market Has Spoken  The world of control systems has come a long way technologically since the advent of solid state controls. The availability of LONWORKS control network technology has opened the door to a new generation of open, interoperable control systems.
Michael R. Tennefoss
BacNet and LonTalk: Why We Need Them Both 
The fact of the matter is that each protocol has its merits. Both will be vital to the future of interoperability in the building automation systems industry. Mark Hess

March 2000
The Benefits of Ethernet to Building Automation - Ethernet is the information connectivity utility, and this makes Ethernet running TCP/IP the protocol to bet on for open systems going forward.  John Petze

May 2000
Achieving Control System Independence - Controls Computers and Standards
Light at the End of the Network..........The demand for interoperability is increasing and manufacturers are responding with LonMark products. With careful specification and resolve on the part of the owners to accept only interoperable systems, they can for the first time achieve "Control System Independence"
Earl Gray

contemporary September 2000
DDC the question really: BACnet
or LonWorks™?  The intent here is to answer that question with a simpler question "What are you trying to accomplish, and does one protocol, or more specifically control and network products based upon it, provide a better solution than the other?  John J. "Jack" McGowan

November 2000
Control Synthesis 
There have been number of efforts aimed at creating standard bus-level protocols for automation systems.  John J. "Jack" McGowan

January 2001
DDC's Future 1-01 
...the Web may have more to do with defining DDC's future than any individual development in control theory, HVAC or building technology. John J. "Jack" McGowan

May 2001
11 Revolutionary Automation Trends in Large Buildings  These 11 trends are having a significant effect on the present revolution or rapid evolution of large Buildings Automation.  Ken Sinclair

July 2001
Web Based Control Systems The Devil is in the Details  Clearly all web-based control systems are not created equal!  Steve Tom

September 2001
What's New and Hot in the Building Automation Market?  One of the exciting new trends in Building Automation today is the growing popularity of Direct Digital Control (DDC) as a measure incorporated with Performance Contracts. John J. "Jack" McGowan

November 2001
Our Industry Should Support New Division 17  I encourage every reader of to do everything you can to learn about and support this new proposal.  Steve Thomas

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