May 2010

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IP Video Surveillance

Solution Profile Cisco

This is a good quick summary by Cisco on IP Video

IP-based video surveillance is the next step in the evolution of video surveillance technology. By connecting to the existing IP infrastructure, the video surveillance system becomes part of the data network and can be integrated with other business systems to provide enhanced surveillance capabilities.

IP-based cameras work with monitoring software and network attached storage devices to allow improved event search and retrieval and remote management of the physical security solution.

IP video surveillance provides a cost-effective way to implement an advanced security solution and to upgrade from complex and outdated CCTV and tape solutions. It allows your physical security system to be integrated into and managed using the same network that you use for the rest of your business.

In a CCTV-based surveillance solution, images may be of poor quality and stored on tape, the images may be difficult to access and search. The process of maintaining video surveillance tapes is prone to human error and degradation of quality over time. Upgrading to an IP video surveillance solution effectively addresses these concerns.

Making Video Surveillance Work for Your Business

Deploying a video surveillance system poses some intrinsic challenges. By operating over the existing data network, an IP-based video surveillance system provides companies greater flexibility in deploying the solution, compared to the specialized cabling required for CCTV solutions.

For example, power outlets might not be always available at the planned camera location. Installing additional power outlets can be very costly or might not be possible due to building codes or other constraints at the physical site. Cisco® Small Business Video Surveillance Cameras, with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, address these challenges easily and cost- effectively.

Cisco network PoE switches provide power to PoE-enabled cameras over standard network cable. You need only install a data network cable at the location of the camera, eliminating the cost of installing or extending existing power outlets.

Once deployed, an IP surveillance system offers many other benefits as well.

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