Review - November 2000
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What is required is a broad industry consensus that drives the creation of a standard for device networking, and that’s what the Extend the Internet (ETI) Alliance™ is all about.

A quick  introduction of 
 ETI & emWare’s EMIT

In an attempt to keep our readers' heads as full as ours about the evolving network and internet communication standards we have created a new section in our link library called Network & Internet Standards.  ETI Alliance is featured in this month's introduction.

Everything Must Connect

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Incredibly valuable information is locked away in devices. It runs the gamut from customer usage patterns to device maintenance and repair needs to facts and figures that, when put in a database or sent to an administrator in the form of a report or an alert, can change the way all kinds of businesses conduct business. emWare’s EMIT software is the technology that enables companies to unlock this valuable data through device networking.

But compelling device networking technology is only the beginning. Good, even revolutionary, ideas die of market neglect every day. What’s required is a broad industry consensus that drives the creation of a standard for device networking. And that’s what the Extend the Internet (ETI) Alliance™ is all about.

The ETI Alliance is comprised of industry leaders that create, deliver, and use products that remotely communicate to new or existing devices and applications for the purpose of better managing technologies, serving customers, and saving precious resources.

These emWare partners include the leading semiconductor manufacturers, embedded tools providers, database and enterprise application providers, control manufacturers, and telecommunications companies. This group has come together through the ETI Alliance to create a new standard for efficient, affordable device networking.

About emWare Inc.

emWare® allows the world to connect and interface with everyday devices found in businesses and homes, unlocking new information to improve the way people work and live. emWare’s Embedded Micro Internetworking Technology™, referred to as EMIT software, is a complete device networking infrastructure. EMIT software allows device manufacturers in such industries as power and resource management, heating and cooling systems, building and home automation, telemedicine and health services to network-enable new and existing products, making them e-smart™. These products can be remotely monitored, diagnosed, upgraded and controlled over the Internet or any network. The EMIT solution allows manufacturers to provide their customers with e-smart products that offer improved service, greater convenience, increased cost savings, and enhanced productivity and safety. emWare is also the founder of the Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance™-a group of the world’s leading companies that delivers end-to-end device networking solutions by leveraging existing technologies, EMIT software and the Internet. Established in May 1996, emWare Inc. is a privately-held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah with offices in Campbell, California and Munich, Germany. 

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