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 XML Web Services: Is the End Near?

Ken Sinclair  & Edward H. Brzezowski

Special thanks to Edward H. Brzezowski, P.E.Facility Energy Services, Inc. Consulting Engineers for forwarding the following articles and resource linkage for Web Services.

From the article XML Web Services: Means to an End Ed extracted the following: 

Reliable Controls Don Box, an architect in Microsoft Corp.'s developer division told an audience of Web services conference attendees Wednesday: "The end of the XML Web services era is near. I predict two years from now we won't have this conference."

Box said XML Web services are a means to an end. "We have to get the plumbing sorted out," he said. "We have a couple more years of plumbing work, but after that we move on to applications," he said. Box said the "protocol work is starting to wind down, the infrastructure is catching up with protocols and it's time to start thinking about applications."

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Time to start thinking about applications??? I think we all been scheming and dreaming about applications for years and we are all pleased to see that those plumbers have the infrastructure catching up with the protocols. We applaud this progress.

In one of this month's articles Web-Based Control Systems - Doing more with more  Steve Tom, PE, PhD, Director Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation outlines the value and potential of web services.

Ed sent more web services information

Briefing Book: Web Services By Richard Karpinski

Extract from article

One of the most telling signs that Web services are taking hold is that a virtual cottage industry -- commercial and open source -- has sprung up around it. You can get your hands on real, working products today to help you edit, write, publish, deploy, manage, accelerate, secure, create QOS, transform, and integrate Web services and applications based on Web services protocols like XML, SOAP, and WSDL.

The article also includes information and linkage about these Development Tools

Microsoft Delivers Web Services Toolkit

Microsoft, IBM, BEA Deliver Specs To Take Web Services To Next Level

BEA Backs Web Services, Implements JAX-RPC Spec

Systinet Updates Web Services Platform

WebGain Readies Web Services Release Of Java Tool

Cape Clear Adds Messaging To Web Services Platform

Sun Delivers Web Services How-To

Kenamea Updates Web Services Messaging Tool

Systinet Updates Web Services Platform

Borland Adds Web Services Support

For complete article

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