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Open Systems for Building Automation
BACnet TM, LON TM and Network Standards

Our first course is instructed by our Contributing Editor  
John J. “Jack” McGowan, CEM CDSM, CLEP, CCP
Energy Control Inc. (505) 890 2888 Email:

Update: The international success of our first course has us offering a second session of this course in September 2002.  The first seminar wrapped up with participants from three countries representing points of view including manufacturer, contractor and user.

The course Instructor has also informed us that he has decided to provide a copy of his book, "Networking for Building Automation and Control Systems, The Fairmont Press / Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-88173-077-7 to each participant as the primary course book for this seminar. This book remains the only reference text in the Industry that focuses specifically on these topics. In addition to this text Mc Gowan will also provide a Seminar Manual that includes updated information on the fast changing world of BACnet and LON and Open Systems for Building Automation.

It is also important to note that, in order to allow enough time to mail out materials and ensure that we are ready for the September start date, we are requesting that interested participants register as soon as possible.

The single best opportunity to get objective third party information on open systems, networking standards and how they will continue to affect automation buying decisions.

This seminar was designed: by an industry expert on Automation and open systems. It will focus on both technology and jargon critical to understanding and specifying Building Automation, networking and applying open systems. This seminar addresses the confusion engineers, energy managers and owners face today with Automation and Open Systems technology. What are standards like BACnetTM and Echelon all about? Why were they developed, and do they bring open systems technology to the DDC industry? What options exist for Legacy systems and are they compatible with standards. If you design, install, operate or maintain DDC systems, this seminar may be the best training you get this year.

Automation technology and trends are a necessary foundation for understanding these issues, so the seminar begins with a technical review of Building Automation systems. Emphasis is placed on each critical systems component including hardware, firmware and network systems. Beyond proprietary components, a treatment of personal computer interface is also essential to understanding the interplay of Automation components and how they meet the owners needs! To further present a perspective for the role of networking and communications, the seminar covers critical trends. Of central focus throughout the seminar will be the impact of these trends on owners and users. Will systems networking, communications and interface standards improve your operation?

Open Systems and Standards definition is a critical to helping owners and engineers interpret the myriad of paid advertisements and biased articles on this topic? Standardization for both Network and communication system technology are described in the context of open systems. Clarifying requirements for an open system and the functions necessary to meet them is key to this topic. What are protocols and network standards, and how do they relate to open systems. Do products based on LON TalkTM and BACnetTM address the need for open systems?

System Architecture is a critical to understanding how systems are built to meet a standard? Topology including both proprietary and standard based components, as well as gateway, router and cabling systems are explained. A foundation for Open Systems includes Interoperability as defined by the placement of controllers within the Architecture. Making informed decisions regarding Open System purchase and specification requires understanding systems communication. To truly understand this issue the course covers the development and evolution of DDC including communications, networking and standards.

BACnetTM and LONTM are buzzwords, and are also used as sales tools, which create confusion! The definition and status of these options is essential to Automation. How were these standards developed and introduced? What role do these standards play in an Open System? Are refer- ences to standardization in other industries valid?

Specifying Open Systems is an evolving process that merges a complex set of related controls and networking technologies. Does just specifying "BACnetTM compatible" improve the owners system? Emphasis is on clarifying the how the technologies covered throughout the seminar combine in an open system. Essential requirements of these systems must address Interoperability of Automation System components. The seminar Developer will help you specify these systems by focusing on defining requirements and understanding technologies available. Open Systems Integration and understanding the current state of the art are the emphasis of this section combined with a discussion of trends.

Who should sign on to this program?

[an error occurred while processing this directive]This seminar is essential for anyone who needs accurate reliable information on Automation standards to make decisions on system design, purchase, installation or operation including:

Consulting Engineers
Energy Engineers
Energy Consultants
Corporate energy managers
Utility engineers
Energy Service Company Engineers
Retrofit contractors 
DDC manufacturers
Building owners
Building managers 
Facility energy managers
Maintenance managers
Electrical engineers 
Energy Service Company Managers
DDC System integrators 
DDC contractors

Detailed Course Workbook

The seminar developer has written a unique workbook containing detailed information on these critical topics. This invaluable reference document was compiled to serve as a long-term resource for seminar attendees. Portions of the document are excepted and updated from the definitive technical book published on this topic "Networking for Building Automation and Control Systems", John J. Mc Gowan, Fairmont Press / Prentice Hall.

About your seminar developer

John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, CLEP, CDSM is an Author and Vice President of Energy Control Inc., an Energy Service Company and System Integrator. Mc Gowan has worked on numerous multi-million dollar projects in every capacity from design through financing as an end user and ESCO. He was named 1997 "International Energy Professional of the Year" by the Association of Energy Engineers. Mc Gowan is listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, in the Second (1994 - 1995) and Third (1996 - 1997) Edition, Marquis / Reed Publishing. Mc Gowan published five books including Distributed DDC, A Guide to Building Automation, Fairmont Press / Prentice Hall, 1995 and Networking For Building Automation & Control Systems, Fairmont Press / Prentice Hall, 1991. He has published 100+ articles and technical papers, and taught Seminars on DDC in the United States and Southeast. Mc Gowan sits on the Energy User News Technical Advisory Board and is a Contributing Editor with

Course Outline

Open Systems for Building Automation
 BACnetTM, LONTMM and Network Standards

John J. Mc Gowan, CEM, CDSM, CLEP, CCP

Introduction to Open Systems for Automation Building Automaton
     A brief history Global Market for Automation Open Systems concept and awareness

Open Systems Networking and Communication 
        Why Network Automation Systems? 
        Evolution of Open Systems 
        The Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model 
        Levels of Architecture and Integration

Application System Technology Overview 
Equipment and Zone Controllers 
Firmware Sequence of Operation 
        Control Integration and Interoperability 
        HVAC, Temperature Control and Building wide functions, 
        Fire, Life Safety, Security and Access 
        Industrial Process and other System Interface

Web-browsers for Automation Interface 
        Personal Computer Requirements and User Interface 
        Building System Operations 
        Remote Communication and Network Management
        Digital Cockpits for Interface between Automation and other systems

Network Design Requirements and Considerations 
        System Architecture and Transmission Media 
        Network Capacity, Data Transmission Speed and Data Integrity

Building System Standards for Communication 
        Technology Buzzwords and Computer Industry Networking 
        Traditional Control Networks, Early Generation and Defacto Standards 
        Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model 
        BACnetTM Introduction LONTM Products Introduction

Protocol Technology
     Data Messaging and Common Topologies 
        Protocol Compliance

Architecture and Topology 
        Definition and Common Topologies 
        Architecture Implementation 
        Gateways and Routers

Wiring Technology and Transmission Media 
        Transmission Path 
        Types: Coax, Twisted Pair, Fiber Optics, etc. 
        RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485

BACnetTM System Overview 
        Protocol Objects, Services and Details 
        Architecture and Topology 
        Compliance and Status of Standard

EchelonTM System Overview 
        LonTalkTM and LonMarkTM 
        Control Industry Relevance 
        Architecture and Topology 
        Wiring Technology and Transmission Media

Specifying DDC Open Systems 
        Basic System Requirements 
        Evolution of Communication Component for Automation 
        Specifying Network Standards for Automation 
        Open Communications, Connectivity and Interoperability 
        Integration of Automation Networks 
        Enterprise and Web-based Integration

Internet Tools and Automation System Offerings 
        Virtual Tool Overview 
        Business to Business 
        Virtual Energy Management Tools 
        Real time and Dynamic Internet Features

Future Directions for Automation and Networking
        Plug and Play 
        Control Industry Trends

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