Press Release - December 2001
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Reliable Controls ABB Software Breaks the 40,000-BUS Barrier

Santa Clara, CA, November 29, 2001--ABB Inc. announced today that the firm's security constrained unit commitment (SCUC) software has been run successfully using a 40,000-bus model that encompasses the entire northeastern U.S. and major portions of WSCC. Anticipating the need for a software system capable of supporting the proposed RTO Northeast region, the company scaled up the system currently in use at the New York ISO to handle the demands of what would be the world's largest electricity market.

The NYISO currently uses a 3000 bus transmission network data file to model the Northeast grid. The 40,000-bus data model used by ABB represents a detailed and accurate representation of the high voltage grid that is greater than the entire eastern United States.

The milestone is significant because it represents the first successful test of a software system capable of operating a market of the magnitude envisioned by RTO Northeast. The SCUC system is also unique in its ability to concurrently optimize the energy as well as the ancillary services and reserve markets, and to efficiently enforce network security constraints corresponding to the bulk power and locational reliability requirements.

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