February 2005
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Contemporary Controls - BAS Ethernet Switch Provides Panel Installation With No Configuration Requirements  - Booth 1347

Downers Grove, Illinois - The industry is in consensus that Ethernet can effectively control the automation of building services. Contemporary Controls has acknowledged this fact with the design of the industrial-grade, Ethernet Building Automation System (BAS) Switch - delivering a high level of performance at a low cost.  This productís functionality also benefits the building owner because the BAS Switch provides a well-documented installation. The label on the switch can be written upon so that port connections can be recorded as to the location of the connected equipment. Each shielded RJ-45 port of the BAS Switch supports the auto-negotiation protocol in order to select data rate, duplex and flow control. Half- and full-duplex is supported as well as flow control. All five ports are Auto-MDIX compliant so any port can function as an uplink port to another switch, eliminating crossover cables in the field. These features enable a truly Plug and Play (PnP) device because no special cabling or configuration is necessary. Once power is removed and reapplied, this switch will return to operations without fail.

For more information on this product, visit www.ctrlink.com/eiba.htm or Booth 1347 at AHR Expo.

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