January 2010
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Babel Buster Network Gateways: Big Features. Small Price.
Control Solutions, Inc. - Minnesota

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basPlantMakerBAS Services & Graphics Introduces basPlantMaker

This is a library of Primary plant components that can be snapped together to create professional graphics within literally minutes, including animation. The library includes many different chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, pipework, sensors, valves, plus much more.

For more information visit http://basgraphics.com/products


AHR Expo 2010The 2010 AHR Expo Innovation Award winner - Building Automation

WBT Series of wireless BACnet devicesAIC Wireless is proud to announce the launch of a new era in Wireless BACnet controls.

The WBT Series of wireless BACnet devices are readily available for any building automation, control or monitoring application. The devices are a reliable low-cost alternative to lon runs of communication cable to previously unreachable locations, due to a lack of existing communications architecture. The WBT series wireless devices are shipped ready to install, with a true plug-and-play set-up requiring no special programming or network management tools.

The WBT900 has the capability of establishing close range wireless BACnet MSTP Communication or distances up to several miles with a higher gain antenna.  

For more information visit http://www.aic-wireless.com/WBT900.htm

Bosch Security Systems, Inc.Bosch Launches All-in-One Surveillance Solution for Small Businesses

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. announced  an addition to its IP Camera 200 Series – the NBC-225-P. The new IP camera has an integrated 4.9 mm fixed lens and is ready-to-use straight from the box, making it ideal for monitoring retail shops, restaurants, daycare centers and small offices.  The NBC-225-P and the recently announced NBC-255-P, which features a 2.8 – 10 mm varifocal lens, make up Bosch’s IP Camera 200 Series. This family of surveillance products, introduced this year, is designed specifically for small businesses. With sharp, clear color images, these all-in-one solutions deliver professional CCTV performance. They come complete with surveillance software to allow video from multiple cameras to be viewed remotely on a single PC monitor. Users can see video from multiple cameras on one screen, search for motion, and archive important clips with the software provided. Only a single cable connection is needed to view video and to power and control the camera.

For more information visit www.boschsecurity.us

GE's Environmental Information Center (EIC) Now Boasts New Lighting and Electrical Products to Help Attain LEED® Certification

Cleveland, OH – The award–winning Environmental Information Center (EIC) Website from GE Consumer & Industrial now offers visitors, hungry for knowledge about the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® certified building program, direction about how lighting and electrical products can account for more than 30 percent of LEED® certification points. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Visitors can find the latest information on energy and environmental policies, including the ENERGY STAR® Building Rating System, LEED® Certification, federal and state legislation, environmental and technical reference data including MSDS sheets, TCLP test results, technical white papers and a subscription option for quarterly environmental newsletters. The site also features tools and calculators

To visit GE Consumer & Industrial's Environmental Information Center, go to www.geconsumerandindustrial.com/environmentalinfo  or link to www.gelighting.com/EIC  or www.geelectrical.com/EIC

Minicom Digital SignageMinicom Digital Signage Unveils New Video Wall with up to nine displays in Ultra-HD

Minicom Digital Signage, the leader in “last mile” player-to-screen connectivity platforms for the Digital Signage marketplace - unveils the DS Vision® Wall - an innovative, Ultra High Definition (UHD) display wall solution for digital signage applications powered by YCD. DS Vision® Wall is specifically designed for the in-store market. With outstanding specs and dynamic control, venues can create a unique brand experience utilizing visual content, with flexibility and creativity. Minicom DS Vision® Wall can drive up to nine displays in their native HD resolution, in any shape and configuration. It comes with bezel compensation and will run with any vendor display. Furthermore, it supports most of the common multimedia file formats, resulting in major cost savings by avoiding expensive post production to adaptation of content to displays.

For more information visit www.minicomdigitalsignage.com

LOYTEC L-VIS Touch Panel LOYTEC Touch Panel wins the LonMark International Award 2009

The LOYTEC L-VIS Touch Panel LVIS-3E115 was awarded "Best Product of the Year 2009".  The 15" Touch Panel LVIS-3E115 (1024x768) visualizes information from LonMark® Systems. The Touch Panel provides a flexible, graphical user interface that supports automation functions such as alarming, scheduling, and trending plus event-driven e-mail notification and mathematical/logical operations.

For more information visit www.loytec.com

Barionet 50Barix Introduces Low-Cost, Intelligent IP Network Controller

Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom, control, and monitoring, introduces the Barionet 50, a low-cost IP automation controller, monitoring device and visualization system now shipping for professional and home applications. A fully programmable network controller, the Barionet 50 is ideal for interfacing devices and real world I/O via IP with open, standards based monitoring and control platforms. The Barionet 50 is a modular component that can operate standalone or in concert with other units, web servers and control systems. Professional applications include access control, machine data collection and environmental monitoring of everything from temperature to water pressure. Barionet devices use very low power (typically 1.2W with inactive relays) and are well-positioned for “green” applications such as energy metering, smart grid control and intelligent building management.

For more information visit www.barix.com

Satel-West Satel-West Announces WIPAT Remote Video Monitoring System for Utilities

Satel-West announces its WIPAT Remote Patrol and Monitoring System for utilities such as electric power companies, oil and natural gas pipelines, and water & wastewater treatment plants. WIPAT provides constant monitoring of remote utilities and public infrastructure without land-based vulnerabilities or reliance on telecommunications carriers. WIPAT is a long-range, drop-in-place, wireless video monitoring system that provides video clips, still images, event logging, access control, multiple digital sensor inputs, output contacts for control of devices, and a suite of event logging tools. Advanced configuration allows for large networks, integration with common industrial control hardware and software, integration with common security hardware and software, satellite connection and redundancy.

For more information visit www.satel-west.com/

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