Press Release - June 2002
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DomesticSoft releases OPC Server for NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels

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Atlanta, GA. -  DomesticSoft, Inc. has released a NOTIFIER implementation for its Domestic Server product which enables NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels to communicate with any OPC compatible factory automation software. The first plug-in released in this series works with all NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels that support the ID3000 serial communications protocol. Currently, this includes the following types of NOTIFIER panels: ID3000, ID2000, (ID1000, ID50).

This new plug-in enables all OPC-capable applications (SCADA/HMI) to access and interface with the fire alarm control panels and connected sensors like smoke detectors as well as other NOTIFIER modules. The data collected from these sensors and the central control panel can then be easily integrated with factory or building automation systems. In case of a fire alarm this allows for immediate identification of the alarm location and remote control of the panel.

This new release allows users and system integrators to easily create powerful graphical user interfaces for fire alarm systems or integrate fire alarm systems into current factory and building control application software. Configuration of the fire alarm control panels, zones, sensors, etc. is fully integrated in the Domestic Network Builder. The fire alarm control panel configuration can easily be downloaded from the panel and stored in the Domestic Server database. The plug-in supports both standalone panels as well as multiple panels configured as master and slaves. Even multiple master/slave configurations are supported. All sensors and modules are addressed by zone and cell and represented by OPC tags thus greatly simplifying programming at the OPC-client level.

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