Press Release - June 2002
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SimplexGrinnell and Gold Line Jointly Announce a New Technology for Complying with Fire Alarm System Voice Intelligibility Requirements

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contemporary HOUSTON, Texas and WESTMINSTER, Massachusetts  - In a technological breakthrough that will enhance fire and life safety and promote compliance with an important new NFPA code, SimplexGrinnell and Gold Line are pleased to jointly announce a simple, new and accurate instrument for measuring the intelligibility of voice emergency evacuation systems.

The new STI-CIS* Analyzer, as the new instrument is called, utilizes the world standard Speech Intelligibility Index (STI) method of measuring speech intelligibility and the Common Intelligibility Scale (CIS) called for in NFPA 72 and other standards. The hand-held analyzer responds to a proprietary STI-PA* test tone developed at the Dutch National Labs, TNO-Human Factors Group, developers of the STI method. The analyzer is subject to patents issued and/or pending by Bose Corporation, and will be manufactured under license by Gold Line.

The development and availability of the portable analyzer puts SimplexGrinnell and Gold Line at the forefront of compliance with a new NFPA code that's become a focus of attention in the fire industry. The new intelligibility requirement is intended to help ensure that the messages from voice evacuation systems can be heard and understood by the occupants of a building.


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