June 2008
New Products

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Hawkeye® 308Veris Industries Releases newest member In the Award Winning micro current switch family

The Hawkeye® 308 is based on Veris’ pioneering and widely used current sensor technology. It features polarity insensitive outputs and dual LEDs making setup and status indication a snap. With a minimum trip point of 0.75A, the H308 is designed to detect belt loss, coupling shear, or other mechanical failures on motors as small as 1/5HP. It provides a 100% solid-state design, polarity insensitive output, and an unmatched industry exclusive 5-year warranty. 

For more information visit www.veris.com


TF24-MFTBelimo Introduces The New TF24-MFT US, Small But Mighty!

Danbury, Connecticut - Belimo Americas, the leading producer of electronic valves and air damper actuators, introduces the TF24-MFT US to the TF product family. This latest product addition gives the user the ability to use Belimo's Multi-Function Technology (MFT), which allows specific and customized programming at the factory or in the field, making it the most powerful 18 in-lb fail-safe actuator in the market. Parameters that can be programmed include input and feedback voltage range, running time, and a variety of control signal platforms including proportional, floating point, Pulse Width Modulation, and on-off.

For more information visit the website at www.belimo.com


FieldServerNew Dual-Serial Port Protocol Converter/Gateway from FieldServer Technologies

Easy interoperability for Serial-to-Serial or Serial-to-Ethernet

This newest addition to the FieldServer gateway product line fits the needs of integrators seeking to interface a serial (RS-232 or RS-485) device to a serial or Ethernet network. An example would be the integration of a Fire Alarm Control Panel to a BACnet MSTP or Metasys N2 Network. Utilizing the extensive FieldServer protocol library and the proven configuration capabilities the FS-B2510 is a cost effective solution to integrating more devices to the building automation or process control network. With more data available to the network, the result is greater savings of energy and resources.

For more information visit at http://www.fieldserver.com

Spinwave Systems Wireless Thermostat Controller

Spinwave Systems’ Wireless Thermostat Controller is a drop-in replacement for almost any existing conventional non-communicating thermostat, re-using the existing equipment wiring. Thermostat functions and values are accessible remotely through an embedded web page of the Modbus Mesh Gateway or via Modbus communication.  A full function wireless mesh device with integrated radio, it can be configured to control heat pump systems, gas/oil heating systems with add on cooling, control high and low balance points as well as the number of heating and cooling stages needing precise control. It can even adapt to manage the number of fan speeds it must control.

For more information visit www.spinwavesystems.com

Reliable Controls Newsletter - The trend

The latest issue of the trend newsletter is now available! Click on the hyperlink below to read: http://www.reliablecontrols.com/news/newsletter/

Wiremold/Legrand - Smart Power Distribution UnitsWiremold/Legrand - Smart Power Distribution Units

Power Commander® IQ Series units provide secure remote power source management so each individual outlet can be remotely turned on and off. This allows the IT administrator to reboot individual servers without having to be in the server room. A unique email control allows the administrator to send control commands via email.  Power Commander IQ Series units provide secure remote power source management. They monitor aggregate current and temperature (using an optional sensor) via TCP/IP networks or local direct connection, and report this information to the IT administrator via email or the network. Network security includes user name and password authentication (64-bit encryption). Each outlet can be programmed to turn on/off per calendar and/or real-time clock. An auto-ping feature constantly monitors the IP address and executes a power reboot whenever the system is down.

For more information visit www.wiremold.com

ELKNew Product from ELK

Elk introduces high current relay for remote control of devices; such as, electric water heaters, pumps, gates, etc. A replacement for the Elk-9100, Elk-9200 is compatible with many automation appliance modules including: UPB, Insteon, Zwave, X10, etc. and is well suited for energy management applications at a more economical price.

For more information, see www.elkproducts.com


qagraphicsQuality Automation Graphics Industrial Touchscreen

Quality Automation Graphics affordable industrial touchscreen CPU for the building automation industry 10.4,12.1,15.1, 17,19TFT SVGA Display, 5 Wire Analog Resistive Touchscreen,  1.0 GHz Celeron ULV Fanless CPU Windows XP Embedded,  1.0 GB DDR RAM, 1.0 GB Industrial CF Card, Wall/Sub-Plate/Panel Mounting capabilities.

For more information visit www.qagraphics.com.


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