June 2019

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Chipkin WI-FI BACnet IoT GatewayChipkin WI-FI BACnet IoT Gateway

A BACnet IoT Gateway that uses Wi-Fi communication to connect from BACnet devices and networks to the cloud.  The BACnet IoT Gateway provides a connection from BACnet devices and networks to the cloud.  The BACnet/IP driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over Ethernet using BACnet/IP protocol.  The BACnet Master-Slave/Token-Passing (MSTP) driver implements a data link protocol that uses the services of the RS-485 physical layer.  For more information visit


Making buildings intelligent using SAP Leonardo IoT and LoRaWAN

We used the TABS LoRa devices (provided as experiment samples by Semtech GmbH, Switzerland).  These devices measure room occupancy, environmental data at a work space as well as PushButtons as trigger devices. These devices were connected via the TABS LoRaWAN MiniHubs. The MiniHubs work as gateways to relay the data to the Gateway Bridge via WiFi. Some of these devices were placed on old work places as well as new places where there was no sensor available.

beadListening to Our Buildings: An Interview With BEAD

“Your building speaks; we listen and provide relevant solutions,” says the team behind BEAD, an artificial intelligence technology company working in the area of building optimization.  energy monitoring companies are not our direct competitors as they only monitor and report the consumption without analyzing the data. Our competitive advantage is that we don’t rely on the devices that are installed, we install BEAD in order to have data from multiple points of the building. With its AI, BEAD starts taking over the operations of the building.

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