June 2020
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Thingsfactory launches the TF-350 Portable and anonymous facial temperature detector

To facilitate post-COVID-19 re-launch, Thingsfactory is launching the TF-350, the first fully portable facial temperature sensor suitable for both gatherings and individuals.

Designed for real-time performance and long-term reliability, the TF-350 detects, analyzes and classifies the facial temperature of humans in crowded, queued or individual situations, without hesitation and with an accuracy of 5 hundredths of a degree. Its fast scanning and built-in artificial intelligence software that reduces temperature verification efforts by 95%, saving valuable time and increasing worker safety.

Currently in production, the TF-350 system will be available for pre-sale at from May 26, 2020, with deliveries to first-time buyers beginning in mid-June 2020.

Infrared Spot Sensor Kit for 1:1 elevated skin temperature screening

The IR spot sensors operate on a one-to-one basis. Rather than looking at a crowd of people, this setup scans one person at a time.  Scanning is very fast. Every 0.6 seconds a temperature reading is processed and validated against the defined limits. This allows to quickly process large groups of people.  It performs the skin temperature measurement with an accuracy of 0.5C in a standard environment of 20-25C (68-77F). Using different on board electronics, the sensor has automatic compensation built-in based on ambient temperature data. This improves the sensor's accuracy and reduces drifting.

Our IR spot sensors work by capturing the emitted infrared radiation within a narrow field of view. The sensor detects if a person is within the required 5-30cm (2-12in) range and then takes the measurement and compares it against the defined limits that you want to apply for your organization.

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Canadian technology leader to provide entranceway monitoring and communication solution to support safe business openings and operations during COVID-19 

Canadian technology leader BIG Digital Corp launches their SafeChek™digital entranceway technology to support the safe opening and operations of businesses across North America.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, governments are starting to allow businesses to re-open amid strict new guidelines that will see many companies seeking innovative solutions to protect their workers and the public.  

Big Digital will provide SafeChek™ at grocery stores, malls, commercial buildings and offices to enable queue management (including wait times and number of people inside), product and service messaging, (such as store hours and out-of-stock items) and visitor SafeChek™ sensors (including mask and fever detection) in order to support best practices for social distancing. Big Digital is partnering on the SafeChek™ project with A1 Innovation Group, a pioneer in people-counting solutions. 

Some of SafeChek™ entranceway technology’s extra customer communication features include reservation / appointment messaging, out-of-stock items, current wait times and promoted items to help consumers make informed decisions and ease anxieties around visiting or getting back to work in public spaces.  For business owners, key data and analytics provided by SafeChek™ entranceway technology includes:  real-time building occupancy, visit duration, frequency and customer traffic which can help support effective pandemic planning and operations. 

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Honeywell Develops AI-Driven Camera to Detect Body Temperature

Honeywell announced a new thermal imaging camera, Honeywell ThermoRebellion, that can conduct non-invasive, preliminary screening of personnel entering a facility using advanced, infrared imaging technology and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Honeywell's Gas Analysis and Safety (HGAS) business delivers fixed and portable gas detection solutions for industrial, commercial and governmental applications where workers can be exposed to toxic or flammable gases. The business also provides protective gear for first responders and advanced electrical safety solutions for workers in high-risk environments.

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