Press Release - May 2002
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Silent Witness News - Updated May 13th

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Silent Witness Releases Mobile Digital Recording System for School Buses

Surrey, BC: May 6, 2002 - Silent Witness (NASDAQ: SILW / TSE: SWE) announces the release of Digital Chaperone - an advanced digital recording system that is designed to increase student and driver safety on school buses. The Digital Chaperone system is comprised of the MDR100 mobile digital recorder and the customer's choice of Silent Witness cameras. With its unique suspension system, the recorder writes reliably to a hard drive even over the roughest of roads. This user-friendly system offers a high value, versatile solution.

Silent Witness Releases Wedge Style Camera - the PrimaView V29A Angledome

Surrey, BC: - Silent Witness (NASDAQ: SILW / TSE: SWE) announces the release of its second camera in the PrimaView series - the V29A Angledome. PrimaView cameras offer a cost-effective solution for any security application. The PrimaView V29A is an unobtrusive, wedge style camera that, when used with narrow view lenses (12mm, 16mm), sees horizontal along ceilings and walls. The camera's field of view is superior to flat view surveillance cameras.

Silent Witness Releases Translator for TCP/IP Networks

Surrey, BC: - Silent Witness (NASDAQ: SILW / TSE: SWE) announces the release of its latest Multiple Protocol Translator (MPT) for TCP/IP networks, the MPT 400N. This expands Silent Witness' current offering of text inserters and translator modules to include support for TCP/IP enabled ATM machines. This capability when used in conjunction with a Silent Witness Digital Video Management System (DVMS) provides ATM transaction monitoring.

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