Press Release - November 2001
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Control Solutions, Inc. - Minnesota

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Echelon Corporation Announces Next Generation Development Tool Shipping NodeBuilder® 3 Speeds Development, Orders Being Taken

Control Solutions, Inc

(SUNNYVALE, Calif.) - Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON) the leading provider of open control networking solutions worldwide, announced that it is now accepting orders for its next generation development tool for LonWorks® networks, the NodeBuilder® 3 Development Tool. The new tool incorporates a rich suite of features that enables developers to quickly and easily build smart, communicating devices using Neuron® chips, a family of very low-cost microcontrollers optimized for intelligent distributed control applications. Over 16 million Neuron chips are in use around the world today, providing the “brains” for intelligent, communicating building control systems, train control systems, elevators, security systems, home appliances, thermostats, and many other devices.

The NodeBuilder 3 tool is based on both Echelon's LNS™ network operating system, the standard platform for managing LonWorks networks, and on a new release of Echelon's LonMaker™ Integration Tool. Incorporating Microsoft Visio® 2002 Professional Edition, the LonMaker tool provides developers with an easy-to-use yet powerful environment for creating and testing development networks. The NodeBuilder 3 tool includes a new plug-in wizard that automatically writes software for use with any LNS based installation tool.



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