Press Release - November 2001
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Control Solutions, Inc. - Minnesota

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ProSyst´s mPower Remote Manager v.2.0: The Powerful Back-end System for Management and Control of Gateways based on the latest OSGi specifications.

Cologne - ProSyst Software AG, the leading technology provider for the Internet-based control and networking of stationary and mobile electronic devices, announces the new version of its powerful back-end system mPower Remote Manager.

Control Solutions, Inc mPower Remote Manager enables the secure, stable, and highly-scalable Internet-based remote administration of OSGi-compatible gateways. Based on the latest OSGi specification 2.0, mPower Remote Manager provides a tool for the monitoring, management, and maintenance of gateways, including a wide variety of stationary and mobile terminal devices in private households and businesses. The administration capabilities include the installation, de-installation, start and stop of services, retail and billing services, as well as back-end network protection, thus offering manufacturers and service providers new business and service opportunities.

Emness Technology AG Chooses ProSyst´s Software Platform

Cologne, Germany -nProSyst Software AG and Emness Technology AG, both based in Cologne, have signed a cooperation agreement. Emness Technology will integrate ProSyst's software solutions in its EmnessTM Service Gateway product line. ProSyst receives the right to jointly market the EmnessTM Service Gateway box.

ProSyst is one of the leading providers of technology for the Internet-based networking of stationary and mobile electronic devices, and offers an open, modular and scalable software platform. This solution enables new applications and services such as remote control, remote maintenance, remote diagnosis and telemetry as well as software updates via Internet. 

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