Contemporary Controls

Company Profile

The marriage of knowledge and technological innovation reflects Contemporary Controls' commitment to customer satisfaction in the embedded networking industry. To meet their customers' ever-changing automation needs worldwide, the company designs and manufactures products that emphasize QUALITY and RELIABILITY the moment the engineer puts pencil to paper.

Grown from a small systems integrator to becoming one of the leaders in embedded networking technology, the company's products include network interface modules, wiring hubs, repeaters, bridges, routers, gateways and analyzers utilizing ARCNET and Industrial Ethernet technology. These are technologies recognized by the BACnet standard.

Realizing a company must continuously adapt, Contemporary Controls is committed to upgrading their engineering, manufacturing and research departments to develop new products such as the Industrial Ethernet EISwitch; a product for expanding Ethernet-based building automation applications such as environmental control and security functions. Within the engineering department, the company automates a major portion of the design process to enhance their time-to-market. This process incorporates computerized schematic capture, printed circuit board design with automatic routing and programmable design simulation. Contemporary Controls' products are manufactured in-house under ISO-9001 quality assurance standards. The process is continually refined in order to reduce the possibility of error. Research efforts are driven toward simplifying the deployment of networking technologies to automation. "Without a doubt, customers are seeking convenience and reduced cost when networking their control systems," says George Thomas, President of Contemporary Controls.

Their customer base spreads across the continents as evidenced by the fact that more than 30% of the company's total sales are outside the United States and reflects the diversity of applications with embedded networking technology.

The company's customers require a high-performance product timely-delivered and installed with the company's promise of comprehensive technical support. Contemporary Controls is a Preferred Supplier to some companies in the building automation industry. For the past 10 years the company has been providing ARCNET networking products, specifically adapters and hubs for both BACnet and non-BACnet applications.

There are never enough resources in order to implement the creative ideas of the company's staff. Contemporary Controls seeks out technology and marketing partners that enable the company to move forward to capture new technology, new markets or improve time-to-market. The company insists that all parties profit from this relationship.

To attain the company's objectives, Contemporary Controls maximizes each employee's strengths meshing personalities with talents and skills. Their employees' team-driven spirit helps to foster an environment where customer satisfaction is the primary goal for future growth.

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