February 2005

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John Huston

EMAIL INTERVIEW John Huston & Ken Sinclair

John Huston P.E.. Senior Associate, Director of Technology Integration
TENG & Associates, Inc./TENG Solutions

Mr. Huston has 19 years experience with the design and implementation of building automation systems including advanced integrated facility management systems. He has designed and implemented a wide range of systems from single family homes to high rise office facilities, entire campuses, multi state regions and most recently, entire cities. John specializes in the application of technology to improve the operation and maintenance of facilities. His knowledge of control systems and building technology has enabled him to develop programs for clients of all sizes to efficiently migrate their facilities to a platform that improves operation while reducing life cycle costs. Mr. Huston is a Senior Associate and Director of Technology Integration for Teng Solutions. John is a licensed Professional Engineer and is a managing principal for all Teng Solutions projects nationally.


The FM@BuilConn track enables attendees to learn from those who have already experienced success applying technology to facility management.

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Sinclair:  Tell me about what you are doing at BuilConn this year?

Huston:  Facility Management represents a market that can take full advantage of all the concepts, technologies and applications presented at BuilConn. As track leader for FM@BuilConn my goal is to organize an informative program that provides the conduit to disseminate valuable information to owners, design engineers, operators and others. Education is the key to success, the technologies and applications are proven. The FM@BuilConn track enables attendees to learn from those who have already experienced success applying technology to facility management. We will discuss and present the benefits of Building-IT Convergence, how to design and operate tomorrow's intelligent buildings and the challenges that lie ahead.

Sinclair:  What is the relevance of Facility Management at BuilConn?

Huston:  BuilConn offers the opportunity to effectively learn about a variety of key advancements in technology, and more importantly, how to apply those advancements to your applications. Facility Management is a real-world application that ties it all together. Facility Management utilizes a number of the concepts, technologies and applications presented at BuilConn. The convergence of these technologies provides us with a vehicle to better manage facilities.

Sinclair:  What is going to be covered in the track?

Huston:  The track is broken down into four sections. We begin with the Benefits of Building-IT Convergence. A key facility manager will describe how Building-IT convergence has created the highway to provide critical operational data into the hands of key personnel that can do something about it. Next we'll cover the challenges related to effectively designing Intelligent Buildings. The HVAC performance specification of yesterday has been replaced with advanced specifications and integrated system designs. Once the business processes and objectives are understood, the facilities systems can be designed to support business goals and achieve performance objectives. The third session covers the operational aspects of Intelligent Buildings. A tool provides its best value when used properly. This session covers how to achieve, maintain and extend the benefits realized through Intelligent Building design and implementation. We close the day with a roundtable discussion regarding the challenges that lie ahead for building owners. As the opportunities rapidly expand within the intelligent building market, complex decisions will need to be made; facility managers, owners and industry experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges.

Sinclair:  What will owners learn at the track?

Huston:  Owners will learn that the convergence of buildings and IT presents tremendous opportunity to improve performance, efficiency and security while reducing lifecycle costs. Information Technology is all about getting information into the hands of someone that needs it to achieve specific business objectives. Technology provides the methods, BuilConn presents the means in a non-biased format.

Sinclair:  Any comments on the industry's acceptance of convergence and BuilConn's role?

Huston:  Industry acceptance grows daily as end users educate themselves on the power of convergence. Facility Management is currently being applied within facilities small and large, from single buildings to entire cities. The technologies are proven, the applications are there, education is the biggest hurdle to acceptance. BuilConn creates a catalyst by providing an efficient platform for education, discussion and networking.

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