February 2005

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Jim LeeEMAIL INTERVIEW -  Jim Lee & Ken Sinclair

Jim Lee, President & CEO, Cimetrics Inc.

Jim Lee, President and CEO of Cimetrics, Inc., founded Cimetrics in 1989 and has built the company into the industry leader in Building Automation Communication Systems and Embedded Networking. Lee graduated from Cornell with a BA in physics, concentrating in electrical engineering. He has worked in audio engineering at DBX, Inc., and was senior engineer for CBS INC. (CBS Records) setting up compact disc factories. He has extensive experience in computer integrated manufacturing, quality control, hardware design, and project management. Lee is founder and President of the BACnet® Manufacturers Association. He and his Cimetrics’ staff have worked on developing and establishing BACnet as an open, industry-wide standard since 1993.


The track will include a number of key BACnet experts to talk about the status, plans and implementation of BACnet.

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Sinclair:  What is BACnet@BuilConn?

Lee:  The organizers of BuilConn have allocated a complete day track to cover the subject of BACnet for the industry. The track is made up of several sessions and will include a number of key BACnet experts to talk about the status, plans and implementation of BACnet as well as to discuss exciting new initiatives that will directly impact open systems in this age of convergence.

Sinclair:  Who will be there to talk?

Lee:   Key members of the BACnet committee plan to be there, as well as a number of vendors that are using BACnet in their systems today. Almost all of the significant vendors have some initiative to apply BACnet into their systems; their objective at this track is to present the successes that they are having in the field with their BACnet based products. We will also have contractors and integrators who are now regularly using BACnet based products and systems as their core solution for building systems.

Sinclair:  Will there be discussion of the BACnet XML initiative?

Lee:  Absolutely, we call it BACnet ML. It will be a key component of the track and in fact, we will devote a complete session on it as well as discussing the many implementations of this incredibly important extension of the BACnet work. As you know the proposed standard is now in public review, by BuilConn time, we would expect the initiative to have progressed further toward global ISO standardization.

Sinclair:  How relevant is BuilConn and this track to the industry?

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Lee:  As the industry changes and evolves, it clearly needs a venue to bring together players and experts and BuilConn seem to becoming that platform. The unique aspect to BuilConn is that it’s not specific to any of the industries working in buildings, but is very focused on the connectivity of everything that happens in buildings. This has always been the vision of the BACnet initiative so the BACnet community has been supportive of BuilConn from the very beginning. This track is further validation of the relevance and synergies.

Sinclair:  Finally, what would your suggestion be to people not sure about attending?

Lee:  Those who are making it their business to be in the building systems market must understand what is happening with the rapidly evolving changes in the connectivity landscape. BACnet is a key part of that, and attending this BACnet track at BuilConn in addition to the rest of the conference sessions will arm them with critical information to increase their business, their competitiveness as well as their value to their customers – the building owners. Owners now understand these changes and are demanding a much more educated and informed supplier.

Sinclair:  Good luck with the track!

Lee:  Thanks Ken, and on behalf of the industry and the BACnet community, thank you for all the great work you are doing with your newsletters and web site. See you in Dallas.

Interested in learning more about this track at BuilConn?  Click here.


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