February 2005

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Anto BudiardjoEMAIL INTERVIEW  Anto Budiardjo & Ken Sinclair

Anto Budiardjo is President of Clasma, Inc., 
the marketing and conference company organizing BuilConn 2005 in Dallas,
 March 21-24 (www.builconn.com) and the BuilSpec Sessions

Please send comments and questions to antob@clasma.com.


Wireless should be the most efficient way to connect devices in buildings.

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Sinclair:   I see that you are leading the Wireless Track.

Budiardjo:  Yes, Ken, I have the privilege of leading what I think is the most interesting subject at BuilConn this year. Over the past few years, very significant technologies have evolved in the wireless industry, from digital cell phones, GPS, and satellites to GSM, WiFi, and WiMax. And, now there’s Bluetooth and ZigBee, a new breed of short-distance, low-bandwidth and low-power devices that are set to change sensors forever. The effect of all of these technologies on building systems will be very significant over the next few years.

Sinclair:  Are all of those subjects covered in your track?

Budiardjo:   The purpose of the sessions on the first day of BuilConn is to cover all aspects of wireless as it pertains to buildings from how wireless can be used to connect the building to the Internet to in-building wireless systems. We also cover the different uses of wireless from applications in data networks for sensors and peripheral devices to the use of wireless as an operational tool for people, both building operators and occupants – here, we’re talking wireless computers, phones, and PDAs. The track will cover the technologies and case studies while experts will explain what type of wireless is applicable to different applications.

Sinclair:  How about mesh wireless networks?

Budiardjo:  On day one of BuilConn, we will cover what mesh is, how it differs, and how it fits in the bigger scope of wireless. Because the subject of mesh is so important to building systems, we’ve created the second day as a supplementary track to deal totally with mesh issues and technologies, specifically how it is being used to connect sensors and other input/output devices in buildings.

Sinclair:  So, we get two days of wireless at BuilConn?

Budiardjo:  Essentially, yes, you do. It’s a wireless conference within BuilConn.

contemporary Sinclair:   Who are some of the speakers at this track?

Budiardjo:  Probably the most interesting speakers will be from companies who are successfully implementing wireless products in building as they will be presenting their successes, experiences and lessons learned. We also have a number of wireless experts from the Chair of ZigBee Alliance to experts from leading wireless technology companies such as Dust Networks, Millennial Net, Figure 8 Wireless, and Ember to name a few. There is a large body of experts and knowledge in the wireless industry and a lot of them will be at BuilConn.

Sinclair:  Can wireless really be beneficial to integrators and contractors’ business?

Budiardjo:  Clearly, if you make your money pulling wires this is not going to be good. But if your business is providing solutions or systems to the building owner—specifically integrated systems—you need flexibility, especially for retrofits where pulling wires can be very expensive. Once wireless products and usage is widespread and we are comfortable with its reliability, wireless should be the most efficient way to connect devices in buildings. So, yes, if you understand the landscape, this can be good for your business.

Sinclair:  Sounds like this will be a very popular track, good luck!

Budiardjo:  Thanks, Ken; I’m eager to learn more about this subject also.

Interested in learning more about this track at BuilConn?  Click here.


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